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Mass import users into WordPress

Many, many users I am working on a complex blog/e-commerce system together with my colleagues at @ntw. I had to import some 10.000 users into WP. WordPress doesn’t feature any automatic “import users” wizard, so it’s a bit like smuggling tons of containers, isn’t it? How it is done The

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Every event its own color!

Colourful requests A client of mine came in with a weird request. I want to assign a custom colour to each event! (mumble mumble, might be trouble..) Ehr, hum, Are you sure you do need this? I am! End of negotiations. At first I thought I was going to have

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New official Events Manager website

Welcome folks Hi there folks, This is Events Manager for WordPress talking, welcome to my new humble abode. Davide and Marcus, they had a hell of time fixing bugs and setting this new website up, but hey, I guess the wait was worth. Up there, on the main menu, you

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Manage Events

Events Manager lets you manage single and repeated events. You can group events into categories, and display them in a variety of ways through sidebar widgets and template tags. If you’re the coding type you can use it’s API to get events straight from the database.

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Manage Locations

Events Manager features also a page for managing locations. Locations are store whenever you enter an event; an autocomplete field lets you choose previously inserted locations. Or you can insert the directly in the locations page, and select them though a list. Locations are geolocated, thanks to the help of

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RSVP for the win

Events Manager lets people respond to your events. Set up a new events, specify the number of seat available, and let people be your guests. A mail notification system alerts you of new bookings, and you guests will also receive a confirmation.

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