Version 4.0.1 Released

Posted on May 7, 2011

After Thursday’s fiasco, 4.0 was put out pretty quickly to get everyone’s events working asap, but there were still a few outstanding bugs. This update fixes the major bugs, and leaves 4.0.1 in a pretty good state!

For those with update issues, before posting on the forum or on here, please read the recent release notes post which explains some common issues experienced when upgrading. Most importantly, contrary to some people claim, your events are not deleted! Those deleted their events and recreated probably did so in vain, they old events will have remained be in the database, it’s 99.9% chance you need to change a setting here or there and things will come back up as normal.

Below is a list of fixed bugs:

  • fixed recurrence slug and creation issue
  • fixed created/modified dates which weren’t always updating
  • added British Virgin Islands and Greenland to countries list
  • got rid of known php warnings
  • fixed various issues with the search form ajax and loaded state/region values
  • added extra location info to columns
  • location placeholders fixed
  • attribute now working properly as intended

Other outstanding/known bugs are:

  • Some ical feeds aren’t being picked up properly due to double line spacing.
  • Very rarely with certain dates recurrences might skip the first or last events.


Most complaints regarding events manager and upgrade issues are directly related with the upgrade not updating the database, which can happen for various reasons. If you experience any upgrade issues from 3.x to 4.x please read the following two posts: (near the end) – in case you revert back and forth trying to fix this, update dbem_version to 3.09x (depending on your version).

If you run into problems after reading the above, please post troubleshooting issues in the support forums.


  1. I just updated my plugin to 4.0, then 4.0.1; all is well except that the RSVP form does not complete its attempted transaction. I input registrant data, click ‘Send Your Booking’, get the spinning wheel of death.

    I’m on a Mac, and have attempted this with both FF and Safari. Anyone else having this problem? Any thoughts from the dev team? Help!

  2. Piet says:

    I just updated and it completely broke down everything. All data are gone, I cannot save locations anymore, cannot add locations, the whole 9yards messed up! There was no warning whatsoever before upgrading, so this is BAD!

    Then I deactivated the plugin and wanted to activate it again (that sometimes helps for other plugins) and now it won’t even let me activate it again.

    This is really messed up and I am very upset!

  3. Matteo says:

    I updated from version 3.0.97 to the last 4.0.1

    I was not able neither to import old events nor add the new ones.

    So, I have decided to rollback to the previous version 3.0.97.

    I look forward to seeing new improvements.

    Regards, Matteo

  4. marcus says:

    For those with issues, I just edited this post with some links to probable solutions.

  5. Patrick says:

    Hi Marcus,

    I’ve followed the instructions in your screencast and got v4.x up and running smoothly, except for one problem…

    The individual event link is leading me to the 404 page!

    Wondering if you might have a solution or if anyone else is having this problem


    • marcus says:

      did you check the event page in the settings page?

    • nhc says:

      Am having this same issue!

      Events displayed through the calendar display fine with correct information, however, following the link for the event redirects you to 404 page..

      Marcus, you mention the event page in the settings.. what should they be set to? They seem fairly straight forward.. so I dont think they are incorrect. More it is an error with the “slug” capability..

    • nhc says:

      Add to the above that the day link is also leading to a 404..

  6. nhc says:

    thanks, did the trick..