Events Manager 4.0 Release Candidate

Posted on April 25, 2011

The latest iteration of Events Manager is pretty stable now and is ready to be considered as a release candidate. This latest set of changes to the beta brings some more highly demanded features:

Major Improvements

  • Global event tables and extra Multi-Site options.
    • You can now centralize all your blog events on one set of tables and display events on your network from the main site.
  • EM now supports group events for BuddyPress, with the ability for group admins to edit the event.

Minor Changes

  • New setting which controls whether a current event (i.e. an event that started yesterday for x days) is considered a past or future event in your lists.
  • Further improvements to the booking forms and logic.
  • Choose a currency for your ticket pricing.

Check out the beta page for a complete list of improvements since 3.x

Upcoming Changes

We’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding the upcoming Events Manager features. The majority are regarding PayPal, when will this be ready for how much. The current situation is that we have a functioning PayPal plugin which we are testing now and intend to release early next month. We will release some more information in the coming days, so keep an eye on the blog, or follow us via twitter, rss or facebook!

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  1. Charles. says:

    Regarding if present events should be considered past or future, I think there should be considered… present :D

    Imagine this, a special section of the blog which appears only if there is a present, active event going on called “LIVE” or “What you are missing RIGHT NOW”.

    Perhaps you’ll give it a though?

    Sincerely, Charles.