Dear Translators….

Posted on March 30, 2011

It’s been a few months that I’ve been asking translators not to start translating the POT files just yet. This was more for their sakes as the beta rewrites big parts of the plugin and inevitably translations done today could be depreciated tomorrow. Well, whilst some small changes are still inevitable, the beta is now reaching a stage that translations are needed and not expected to change drastically (apart from new features to translate!), so I welcome translators to download the latest POT file and mail me their translated po and mo files.

How to download the POT file

For those that would like to translate but don’t know how, this tutorial looks pretty good for showing you how with poEdit, which is what I personally use and recommend.


  1. zed says:

    hi there, your plugin it’s just great! i was just wondering were can i translate the search engine? like “events between”
    because i’m translating the plugin in french, but in the.po file there is no translation optin for the search engine.



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