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For those with IE JS Issues

Its come to my attention that IE is having problems with submitting booking requests. After some extensive and painful debugging, it’s been found that the issue lies with the jQuery Form plugin that comes packaged with WordPress. The problem is pretty simple, the script is out of date. The solution

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Forums Back Up

The forums are back up and running. Phew! That was a serious time-drainer. For the moment, I’ve enabled this to the public for users that were previously registered, whilst we transition to a more concrete support system. New users that aren’t signing up to the Pro version can user the

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No more 404 in 4.0.4

4.0.4 is out and fixes a few bugs, most importantly the 404 error page some of you have been seeing. Fixed the 404 problem Added Peru to countries, fixed broken accented characters in country lists Added ticket description to booking form. Reordered the search form to make more sense If

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Events Manager Pro – PayPal and Offline Payments!

It’s been long overdue, but it’s finally here! Events Manager is now going pro. Events Manager is free open source software and a labor of love since it was first made in mid-2008. Whilst some contributions have helped move development along somewhat, it doesn’t come close to reflecting the hundreds of hours

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Events Manager 4.0.3 Released

This update should fix all outstanding issues, and it also has brought further to light how some people will have had upgrade issues over the past few updates pre-version 4. Hopefully from now on this won’t happen again.

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Events Manager 4.0.2 Released

The current release fixes various bugs: updated default formats and event options on install fixed title meta location problem added town/country/state/region search attributes for locations added extra linking formatting for calendars (minor tweak for bug report) datepicker locale now matches WPLANG setting (if applicable) fixed recurrence and category issues changed

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Upgrade Issues Screencast Walkthrough

Due to recent changes in WordPress 3.1 which were until now unknown to me, some people will have problems if automatically updating. It’s possible that people had issues when updating via the bulk update feature since 2.9, which never fired the database update scripts in EM after updates either. For

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Version 4.0.1 Released

After Thursday’s fiasco, 4.0 was put out pretty quickly to get everyone’s events working asap, but there were still a few outstanding bugs. This update fixes the major bugs, and leaves 4.0.1 in a pretty good state! For those with update issues, before posting on the forum or on here,

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Events Manager 4.0 Released

Events Manager has been (prematurely by a few days) released and should be available for download from the wordpress repo, or via our download page. Events Manager 4.0 brings a huge set of changes that takes the plugin to a whole new level. Improvements over 3.0 There’s probably more than

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SVN and New Version Woes

To those upgrading today, I’ve got some really bad luck with the WordPress SVN this year… The plugin repo shows 4.0rc2 as the latest public update, yet everything is set up to show 3.0.98. As a result, people are downloading RC2 and it’s not fully tested. We’re trying to get

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