Events Manager 4.0 Release Candidate 2

Posted on May 4, 2011

This update adds a couple of neat little additions and changes, as well as fixing all known bugs.

Download Events Manager RC2


  • the ical feed is now ‘officially’ working. To access the ical feed, visit, this has been tested with google calendar, outlook and thunderbird
  • did you previously have custom attributes that you wished could be limited to only certain values? Well, try using this format – #_ATT{Key}{option 1 and default value|option 2|etc.} in your event format and look at the attributes section of a previous or new event :) . This has also been updated in the new docs.
  • ALL event pages (i.e. calendar day view, location view, list views, etc.) are output via a template file, and easily overrideable on your theme files. (again, now documented)


  • A pretty old bug in EM (I think persistent in version 2-3!) which is title rewriting problems. I think I got them once and for all now.
  • Google maps info balloons are aligning up properly.
  • Pagination and search related issues
  • Images are now working

Code Changes

  • Due to events and categories having their own images it doesn’t make sense to have a location-pics folder in wp-content/uploads/ so now we have an events-manager folder with events, locations, and categories folders within.
    • If you still use the old location-pics folder, all images will still be saved there and are always prefixed with the image type, e.g. location-id.jpg
    • The constant EM_IMAGE_UPLOAD_DIR is now a full path, and we also have EM_IMAGE_UPLOAD_URI at our disposal, which points to the events-manager upload folder.

If you are still encountering bugs on your RC2, please let me know! Aside from some aesthetic changes to default installation settings, I’m thinking that this is stable and ready to go to public pending a few pilot upgrade tests, so this should make it to the repo by the end of the week!


  1. Frank K says:

    Just downloaded this, and it said RC1 in the plug-in manager.

    Also, long_events=1 don’t show multiple days in the calendar shortcode ([events_calendar full=1 long_events=1] or [events_calendar long_events=”1″ full=”1″]

  2. marcus says:

    oops… forgot to change that (have now)

    I’ll check out the calendar issue too.

  3. Nasser says:

    Marcus, Admin Upcoming events page auto refresh (Ajax) would be great with Events manager 4.0. Are you planning to add this feature?

  4. KS says:


    In the Default Location Country, Greenland is missing from the list.


  5. KS says:

    Hi again,

    I experience that in the Locations (being in the Administrator role) When I click my locations there are none, but on “all locations” it shows 5 (All locations (5)). When I then click all locations, it says (My locations (4))


  6. KS says:

    In some areas of the world (e.g. Greenland, where I live) the google map info is really bad (no alternative though). Is it some way possible to choose the location on the map (which would be the precisely right one) – in stead of writing the street adress?

  7. Bob Jones says:

    It would help if you told us exactly where the events-manager uploads folder is supposed to go. Dontcha think?

    I’ve tried wp-content/uploads/events-manager, I’ve tried wp-content/events-manager, I’ve tried plugins/events-manager/events-manager, and I keep getting the same message telling me I need to create an events-manager folder.

    And yes, my folders are writable.

    A little help, please?

  8. marcus says:

    This is an old post, 4.0.6 is the current version at time of writing and is available on, so just install like any other wp plugin.

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