Beta Update 2011-04-19

Posted on April 20, 2011

Another commit to the repo marks another milestone in the progress of the beta. On top of some planned major code rework, I decided to slot in some much in demand features:

  • Booking management in BuddyPress
    • You can now manage bookings just like in the backend, users could now create and manage events totally from the front end.
  • fixed the export csv to reflect tickets, pricing, etc.
  • Permalinks now have correct 301 redirects for old Event URLs
  • New Scopes!
    • today
    • tomorrow
    • month
    • 2-months
    • 3-months
    • 6-months
    • 12-months
  • Upload an event image!
  • Added locations and categories list page and options
    • e.g. go to for a list of locations, or for categories
    • See the settings page for more options
  • Conditional placeholders!
    • Wrap conditional content within brace style tags, e.g. {has_bookings}this content would only show for an event with bookings enabled{/has_bookings}
    • Currently available placeholders are has_bookings and no_bookings
    • It is also very easy to add your own placeholders, examples are ready, tutorial on its way!
  • Editable calendar templates!
    • see templates/templates/calendar-x.php files for more info, but you can now safely modify the calendar content with a lot of flexibility

Multisite is still work in progress, but close to completion, you will already see that you can enable a global Events Manager table and access blog events from the main blog (you can use the attribute ‘blog’ and the blog id to retrieve specific blog events).  As it’s not 100% there yet, be aware that permissions currently leave the door wide open for a sub-blog admin to admin all events.

It is also getting to a point where this plugin could be considered stable and ready for release.  Apart from Multisite and BP Group events, the rest is pretty much ready to go. All that’s left is testing, and the more the better, so any feedback on test upgrades would be appreciated!

One Comment

  1. Any idea when the Paypal payment system will be included in the beta?

  2. Sylvia says:

    Hi, I’ve been using your plugin for months now, and the new release is causing TONS of problems. Currently, I can’t add new locations, and when trying to add a new event, it ALWAYS says “country required” even though I am including the country information in the location address.

    On another site, the update corrupted the database and will not allow any event to be edited. If a change needs to be made, the event must be created entirely from scratch.

    I would have taken this to the support forums, but your own website registration is broken and always gives the same error message “only lowercase letters and numbers allowed” when I AM using only lowercase letters and numbers, from email to password and even in the captcha.

    What is the deal? I’ve searched long and hard for a better plugin, and there isn’t one, but only if your plugin actually WORKS! I’m about to have to go and find something less full featured than EM, but at least functional.

    • Sylvia says:


      I finally was able to locate a thread explaining about the accidental beta release, and was able to get everything running on the first website by completely uninstalling the old version of the plugin and downloading the latest release fresh, instead of trying to update.

      I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do the same on the other website where the database was corrupted, but that’s a bummer because that site is live ( and they have several upcoming events that I would have to recreate.

      Still no progress on being able to register for your site, though!

  3. marcus says:

    hi, am reworking a lot of the content here, so will double check registration works properly (although people do manage to register daily)

    regarding the update issue, my apologies on that, have you seen this –

    note that your database is NOT corrupted. You can retrieve all your info and it’s not lost. Another solution is to try RC1 if you want, we’re going to make this a stable release in the coming days anyway.

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