Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms are Event Locations and are available once you have installed and set up the free Events Manager for Zoom add-on.

Creating/Editing Zoom Room Events

When creating a Zoom Room event, simply select it as your event location type.

When doing so, you’ll see an additional dropdown menu containing all your available Zoom Rooms. Select the one you’d like to use.

Please note that due to lack of API functionality, it is not possible to create or reserve meetings in the Room itself at this time. Displayed events are mainly for informational purposes.

Displaying Room Information

We have included some placeholders and conditional placeholders and search attributes to help you search and display your room information. We recommend wrapping placeholders in conditional placeholders so that non-Zoom Room events will not attempt to display it.

Conditional Placeholders


Displays the … contents only if the event has a Zoom Room as the event location.


Displays the … contents if the event specifically does NOT have a Zoom Room event location.


You can use the following bits of information with the following placeholders:

  • #_EVENTLOCATION{id} – Unique Identifier for the Zoom Room
  • #_EVENTLOCATION{room_id} – Globally Unique Identifier for the Zoom Room, used in APIs
  • #_EVENTLOCATION{name} – The name of the room

Filtering Zoom Room events

The location_type search attribute will support the value zoom_room for filtering events with Zoom Rooms. For example:

[events_list location_type=”zoom_room”]