Zoom Webinars

Zoom Webinars are Event Locations and are available once you have installed and set up the free Events Manager for Zoom add-on.

Webinars are nearly identical to how Meetings work. Therefore, we would point you to the Zoom Meetings documentation, and we’ll highlight the differences here.

Creating/Editing Zoom Webinar Events

Instead of “Zoom Meeting”, choose “Zoom Webinar” from the dropdown list.

Additionally, you will have a few more options available within the advanced settings, which are additional features available to webinars, such as enabling video for panelists.

Displaying Webinar Information

Conditional Placeholders


Displays the … contents only if the event has a Zoom Webinar as the event location.


Displays the … contents if the event specifically does NOT have a Zoom Webinar event location.

Filtering Zoom Webinar Events

The location_type search attribute will support the value zoom_webinar for filtering events with Zoom Webinars. For example:

[events_list location_type=”zoom_webinar”]