4.13 Released

Another minor release to kick-start the week. Below are the changes:

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4.12 Released

This minor release fixes two bugs which made this sequential release necessary: When users book via PayPal or Offline, a confirmation email is prematurely sent when auto-aprovals are turned on. Users using translated wordpress versions (i.e. modifying WPLANG in wp-config.php) may have run into issues in the admin area due

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4.11 Released, Minor Update

This release is pretty minor, but does fix a few bugs: fixed conflict of default category/event widget added/fixed some missing/mispelt gettext domains removed some php warnings corrected filter misspelling of em_booking_get_prices to em_booking_get_price added a few new filters fixed initial notification emails not going out to event contact on pro

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4.1 Released (very minor update)

Just a quick note to say 4.1 was released in the hopes of giving wordpress.org a nudge so that our blogs receive an update notification. For some reason wordpress did not recognize the 4.0.84 > 4.0.9 update and blogs weren’t being made aware of the new update. Fortunately this corrected

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4.0.9 Released

Happy 4th of July! We welcome this short week with a new update. With the coming of 3.2, it was well overdue that I had a look at the latest release candidates to make sure everything worked as expected. I’m happy to say (holding my breath) that everything did.

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Events Manager 4.0.83 Released

This release mostly involved bugfixes, however, whilst making these fixes it’s hard not to sneak in a few features : any shortcodes or template tags that accept event attributes now accept a search attribute. guest event submissions! See the bottom of the settings page. added option to remove booking login

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4.0.8 and Pro 1.2

Quick Saturday update. 4.0.7 had two nuances worth fixing immediately: Options page had some buggy javascript (sorry, works in some and not in others, slipped through the tests!) Added a notification so that Pro users know there’s a newer version too. Please do not comment on this code for requesting

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4.0.7 Released

It’s been a little slow getting this update out due to the nature of some of these bugs, but it’s here and in time for the weekend updaters! This update was really all about bugfixes, especially on the MultiSite/BuddyPress side of things.

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4.0.7 Delayed, Dev Version Updated

Just a quick note to say that we’re fixing quite a few bugs that have come out of the cracks over the past week. Good new is we’re fixing them, bad news is it’s taking longer than expected, was hoping to have an update today but that’s not likely anymore.

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Version 4.0.6 and Pro 1.1 Released

It’s been quite a few days pending but 4.0.6 is here, fixing quite a few of the bugs reported on the wordpress forums. It’s been a busy week and we had to release a 4.0.5 in the meantime as we worked our way through the list. Below is a list

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