Beta 3 is out, almost there!

Posted on December 13, 2011

Beta 3 marks the end of changes with regards to migrating older versions of Events Manager to version 5. This also means we’re nearing the end of our Beta stage and a stable release is just around the corner!

Aside from having quite a few improvements and bugfixes, beta 3 also resolves many issues specifically surrounding Multi Site installs, especially for those in Global mode (in fact, this is the main reason why we’re slightly delayed with a stable release).

Here’s a summary of improvments/fixes to this beta (am sure I’ve missed a few here):

  • Images can now be migrated/imported into media library.
  • Multi site global mode now has shared categories and (optionally) locations
  • More options for multi site users for displaying/sharing events cross-site.
  • Old event and location URLs will redirect gracefully, preserving Search Engine rankings
  • BuddyPress integration rewritten to be up to date with their latest API
  • Lots of minor bug fixes/UI improvements
  • An uninstall/reset feature in the settings page

If you already are running a beta of version 5, upgrading is a must, if you are still considering taking the leap but are unsure, we’re now working on testing and documentation, which means a step by step upgrade instruction is in the works and should be out this week.

What’s the holdup? When will the stable release be out?

Yes, yes, we know we’ve been hazy with regards to final release dates! The reason for this is simple… good things can’t be rushed. If something needed re-doing (for example, the way Multi Site deals with global locations in beta 3), in the long-run it’s worth redoing rather than patching it up, and hopefully now we’re almost there, it’ll be worth the wait.

We’re now at the stages of final testing, (re)documenting, minor touch-ups, and bug-fixing (if necessary). 2011 is definitely the year it’ll be released :) and it’s very likely it’ll be before Santa comes to visit!

Download Version 5 Beta 3


  1. Asaad says:

    Sounds great, i will definitely go pro! Hope there is a christmas discount :)

  2. Anna Marie says:


    Beta 3 doesn’t seem to be displaying the start / end dates for existing events when you go in to edit them in the WP admin. And it isn’t popping up the little calendar when the start (or end) date fields are clicked for a new event. Maybe it’s me?

    Anna Marie

    • marcus says:

      sounds like a plugin or theme conflict outputting javascript and breaking ours. the date pickers should working fine.

    • Anna Marie says:


      Thanks so much for your reply. However, it’s not a plugin conflict — yours is the only one I have installed. And I switched to the default Twenty Ten theme to see if that was it and still can’t get the date picker to display in the WP Admin while editing an event. I’m running WP 3.3.

      I did install your Beta 3.2 (and the date picker worked), then uninstalled it and installed Beta 3.3. I thought it might be a WP database issue somehow, so I dropped the database, uninstalled WP, reinstalled it, then installed Beta 3.3, just to be sure. Still no joy. Not sure what else to try.

      Anyway, just thought I’d mention it. If it’s working for you, I’ll just wait for the release.


  3. squareminc says:

    Any conflicts with 3.3?

  4. squareminc says:

    Upgrading from Beta 1 to Beta 3 results in the events not showing in my events list in backend. However, the events still exist in the system on the front end AND the Custom Post Type event list shows “Published(4)” but they don’t actually come up on the list.

  5. squareminc says:

    Update on above, if I add a new event is shows up and the Published(5) is now five, but still just see the recently added event.

    Since I am in development, i didn’t lose any data, just giving feedback.

    Ideally, I would like to delete those somehow. any feedback would be appreciated.

  6. squareminc says:


    User error – sorry for destroying the comment wall! haha

    Ignore all above!

  7. glenn says:

    Hey Marcus,

    Still using your pllugin mate, its looking good. I have found this bug on the Settings/General/General Options page:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /web/htdocs/ on line 321

    Hope this helps
    The Red Bicycle

  8. webee says:

    Any idea when Multiple Booking Form Layouts will be available for different types of events please?

    • marcus says:

      Early 2012, can be more specific once 5 is out and documented. There’s a few more popular requests on the forum, so those would get done first.

  9. Travis Clark says:

    I can verify the same problem. Using the Twenty Eleven theme, no plugins activated I still don’t get a date picker for new events (causing it to not publish). I’ve tested it on the latest version of Firefox, Chrome and Safari on a Macbook Pro running Lion. Any quick ideas?

  10. Nan says:

    Hi, I’m test driving Events Manager v5 b3 using WP 3.3. I’m trying to insert an image in an event and/or location page, but the ‘Insert into Post’ button does not appear (only ‘Use as featured image’ and ‘Delete’).

    The button appears when inserting images in non-Event Manager pages and posts. Tried deactivating other plugins too, same result.

    (Also…can’t seem to locate where to identify an event as recurring. Do I need to enable that somewhere?)

    Thanks — looking forward to making the most of EM once I get the hang of it. :)

    • nan says:

      I do have Recurrence enabled in General Settings, and Recurring Events appears in the panel — I just don’t see any way to identify an event to be recurring as it’s described in the documentation. Thanks again for any insight…

    • marcus says:

      the documentation is out of date atm, we’re working on new documentation atm.

      you need to click on the recurring events menu, and there’s an ‘add new’ link on that page.

  11. mark says:

    Suggestion: Hide date for events marked “all day”. In a standard installation of Beta 3 “all day” events show up as 00:00 – 00:00. But if someone has checked “all day” times are not relevant.

  12. Sam Blowes says:

    Suggested change to em-posts.php line 16.

    add_theme_support(‘post-thumbnails’, array(‘event’));

    This will prevent the featured image being enabled on other post types.
    I personally use custom (multiple) featured images on my other posts types.

    • marcus says:

      thx, good suggestion!

    • Sam Blowes says:

      I noticed this will override your code in your themes functions.php file, so maybe this should be an option built into the events manager settings.

      Featured Image Settings:
      All Post Types – Events Only – None

  13. Sam Blowes says:

    I just noticed this will override your code in your themes functions.php file, so maybe this should be an option built into the events manager settings.

    Featured Image Settings:
    All Post Types – Events Only – None

  14. ron says:

    Events-manager.5.0b3 : Showstopper and other problems (1 post)

    Installation – WP 3.3 – Multisite Network, Subdirectory install, BP 1.5.2 – all fresh installs

    Show stopper :
    Event Calendar Sidebar Widget links to completely wrong links instead of the event page.
    Location does not get saved, Location Geo-Map is not shown on event page

    Other problems:

    1. Event page not created by default
    “Uh Oh! For some reason WordPress could not create an events page for you ”
    2. Messages like these persists unnecessarily :
    ” Events Manager is ready to go! It is highly recommended you read the Getting Started guide on our site, as well as checking out the Settings Page. Dismiss ” persists even after clicking settings page and saving settings
    3. Too complex array of choices for individual bloggers – let the admin/system make “intelligent” defaults with optional hiding of so many settings from the non-admin users
    4. Make a simple version that just let users add “events” on which other users can say “will attend”, “may attend”/”not attend”
    Move the booking and ticketing and all these to various flavors of the paid version of this plugin. Most of the users these days use FB facebook events, and the user expectancy is thus framed.

    A demo link that showcases fully working WP 3.3 – Multisite Network, BP 1.5.2, events-manager.5.0b3 will be greatly appreciated.

  15. Sam Blowes says:

    #EVENTUNAGEURL broken.

    My code:

    10,’orderby’=>’name’, ‘format’=>’#_NAME#_EVENTIMAGEURL’)); }?>


    : Call to undefined function get_post_thumbnail_id() in on line

    • Sam Blowes says:

      for #EVENTIMAGE / #EVENTIMAGEURL to work, you must have the following line in your themes functions php.

      Events only.
      add_theme_support(‘post-thumbnails’, array(‘event’));


      All Posts