4.302 Released

Here’s a summary of the recent changes (all ‘under the hood’): Group event lists have corrected links (previously sending guests to a ‘you can’t edit this’ page) PHPMailer updated to v5.2.0 can_manage bug in MS Mode fixed Added more wordpress actions to ticket forms/tables events_calendar shortcode now filtering location search

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State of the Event

Dear All, It’s gotten to the point that this post will be a catchall answer to the various questions regarding the conversion from events to posts. This will let us get on with it rather than talk about it :) Feature Freeze There is now officially a feature-freeze in Events

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4.300 and Pro 1.36 Released

Along with polishing off some remaining minor bugs, we introduce a few cool new features to both Events Manager and Pro. New Features Add tax to your ticket prices, controlled from your settings page, compatible with PayPal and Offline payments. Event owners will now be notified by email when events

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4.212 and other versioning madness

Changes to 4.212 Removed JavaScript entirely from booking form template to avoid future disparities between user templates and the default ones. If you have overriden the bookingform.php template file, please remove the JS included in there, it will now be added by EM_Event to the footer via the wp_footer action.

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4.2 Released

4.2 is a minor update which fixes a few small issues: jQuery CSS is now loaded by JavaScript if needed for the datepicker small css tweaks/fixes to the calendar fixed a JavaScript error regarding an undefined variable fixed various php warnings event_form time fields now using the js time entry

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Version 4.18 and Pro 1.35 Released

These updates are mainly fixing minor bugs, as well as adding further compatibility improvements. Note that you must update both plugins to the latest versions for them to work together properly. 4.18 Changes corrected bad HTML in default category page format added booking form JS to the wp_footer area for more theme

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4.16 and Pro 1.33 Released

Whilst mainly bugfixes, it’s hard to resist adding a feature or two in :) New Features in 4.16 Image thumbnails added Now you can use image thumbnails by adding #_EVENTIMAGE{x,y}, where x,y is the width,height (numbers only). This uses the timthumb.php script (yes, with the recent vulnerability fix), therefore it’s

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4.15 and Pro 1.32 Released

This week was focused on improving the already present documentation. We’re now focusing on polishing up various areas of the plugin so that we can proceed with some more major features. Main Plugin Changes single events can now be converted to recurring recurrences are now booking approval issue fixed group

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Pro 1.31, minor update

There was a bug uncovered in the new custom booking forms where guests could not book anonymously. This only occurs if you upgraded and did not modify the booking form. The way to fix it is pretty simple. Go to Events > Booking Form Editor, and in the email field

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4.14 and Pro 1.3 Released

It’s nearing a month since the latest update. By our usual standards it’s a long time, however, time = more features so we’ve been constantly updating the development versions of both plugins and delays in updates were a result of making sure all new features worked correctly. Now… onto the

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