Version 5 Beta 2

Posted on November 25, 2011

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks! This second beta offers some massive improvements on the last beta, as well as some new features here and there. This is very close to the end result, bar a few minor bugs, and we expect to release a release candidate early next week.

Download Events Manager 5b2

Testers welcome! If you do post about it on the forums, please make sure you make it clear when describing your issue that you’re using the beta. Users testing out this new version are strongly advised to have a look at the settings page after upgrading, as some of these new settings are not set up by default.

The daunting task of listing all the improvements is quickly coming upon me… exciting but scary, given the sheer number of them! Here’s a few of the improvements since the last beta:

  • Added capabilities for finer control over what users can do (updaters need to visit the settings page)
  • Events, Locations and Categories now have their own designated pages rather than a one-fits-all events page (which can be disabled in favour of WP archives).
  • Improved date-picking logic and time-picker
  • Revamped settings page, now with tabs!
  • If in MultiSite mode, network-wide settings now reside on the network admin area.
  • Control how your Custom Posts work (e.g. integrate into WP searches, use WP archives or default event pages, use formats or not), giving an insane amount of options in terms of how WordPress and EM works together to display your events.
  • Base slug control in settings page.
  • All day events (ICS Compatible)!
  • Optional locations (enable this in your settings page), soon to come… disable locations completely.
  • Various new placeholders added (e.g. #_EVENTTAGS, #_EVENTDATES, #_EVENTTIMES)
  • [event_search_form] shortcode added, which now works on any page
  • and various other bugfixes

We’re constantly testing and re-testing and have successfully managed to migrate websites with thousands of events from version 4. We hope that more testers will come on board next week once we release the RC and provide some much needed upgrade tips and instructions. Till next week!

Known Limitations

We’ve whittled these down to a bearable two, and intend on resolving these quickly before the release candidate.

  • If updating from version 4, some new post-related settings aren’t set by default, meaning you should visit the settings page and set it up yourself.
  • When migrating, old event/location pictures won’t  show up in the ‘featured image’ bit, but it does work with the usual placeholders (will possibly create a migration wizard for this, to move them into the media library)
  • If you’re using MultiSite and global mode, categories aren’t shared cross-site right now.


  1. Nicole says:

    Hi Marcus!! This feature is awesome, but the events on the sidebar widget don’t show up ordered by start date (even if I set up the settings), they’re all mixed up :S

  2. Jesse Heap says:

    Great work Marcus! We are looking forward to upgrading to the new version once it’s out of beta. Version 4 has been excellent, and I can’t wait for better integration with WordPress custom post types in version 5.

    Keep up the great work on this fantastic plugin!

  3. Alex says:

    The category feature is not working on my site. I activate it but it doesn’t show up when creating an event. I already add a few categories too.

    • marcus says:

      You should see it within your events menu, raise a topic about it on the forums (pro or on the forum) and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

  4. vtronic says:

    Hey Marcus, great work! I’m looking forward to the stable version :)

  5. Sam Blowes says:

    Great work!

    It would be great if this version had an option to use “featured image” or the old “event image”. My reason for this is I don’t use “featured image” on my blog as it has certain limitations, and causes inconsistency with my custom forms.

    This might also beat a neat work around for your migration issue.

    • marcus says:

      which inconsistencies does it cause with a custom form (pro custom forms?)?

      actually a migration script is already in place for the next beta update, but it should work exactly the same as before, just with a nice image uploader and more possibilities for themes that do use featured images.

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