5.1.2 Released

Posted on February 24, 2012

We’ve been a little slow to update the blog with our latest changes this time round, consequently we missed the 5.1 update due to some quick yet necessary updates to 5.1.2.

A lot has gone into the 5.1.x update, much of it being under the hood. However,  we’re now getting to that point where the scales are tipping in favor of adding new features rather than fixing bugs, so this is just a small sign of things to come!

Here’s a list of the new features/improvements:

  • By popular demand, overall event spaces! Now you can have two tickets e.g. with 20 spaces each, yet offer a limit of 20 spaces for the whole event!
  • Booking Button allows cancellations as well now.
  • You can now prevent specific booking emails by leaving the subject blank.
  • We’ve simplified the booking form templates, and hopefully won’t have to make changes to these anytime soon.
  • Price related placeholders! e.g. #_EVENTPRICERANGE, #_EVENTPRICEMAX, #_EVENTPRICEMIN
  • Location placeholder – #_LOCATIONNEXTEVENT – enabling you to make a map of upcoming events using locations_map shortcode.

Here’s a breakdown of changes/fixes:


  • fixed critical auto-delete auto-draft recurrences bug
    • this bug happens if you ever clicked ‘add new recurring event’ and just left the page, 7 days on, this draft will be deleted automatically, and may delete your other events by mistake.
  • recurrence pattern fix
  • calendar nav links now will play nice with search engines, and if you click on them without JS enabled, they’ll show the following month
  • RSS link fixed for non-permalink blogs
  • added sorting options for the my bookings page
  • fixed a
  • fixed JS Search bug
  • improved booking tables for easier customizations via hooks
  • added reamde files and comments to template folders
  • calendars can now link directly to events on single event days
  • post_id now can be used in single event shortcode
  • fixed italian datepicker translation
  • fixed GBP corrupted symbol encoding
  • fixed some search issues admin and front-side
  • fixed some notes placeholders not formatting text properly (e.g. the category notes placeholder)
  • BP now reports cancellations correctly
  • fixed empty TR in calendars
  • region now prefilled for current locations in add event forms.
  • fixed some MS permissions issues
  • moved anonymous event submissions back into single per-blog settings
  • added “email exists” customizable message

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