5.1.8 and Pro 2.1.5

Posted on June 14, 2012

Update: We’re releasing some quick-fix stable updates over these few days due to some minor bugs with one line fixes. Whilst already described in the plugin readme.txt changeset, a summary of changes will be made in our post about the 5.1.9 release.

The new WordPress 3.4 update caused a few issues in the JavaScript that requires an upgrade. Fortunately, we were sitting on a release that was just about ready to go, so here we are!

Minor template changes

If you’ve made any changes to templates, read on.

Coincidentally, this update involved a decent amount of JavaScript refactoring, particularly on the datepickers and timepickers. The result is that some templates have received a slight modification to accommodate the new way they are generated. We do try to avoid this as much as possible, but sometimes the benefits of adding more features outweigh the need to change.

We have made efforts to add some fallback methods which will dynamically add these classes for you, but if you go ahead and make these changes, they should take only a few minutes and will ensure better compatibility.

Booking Form – templates/placeholders/bookingform.php

Since we were using element IDs  for finding booking form elements, this prevented more than one booking form from being on a single page. Now, you can have as many as you want! The solution is quite painless too, simply replace id=”em-booking” with class=”em-booking” and id=”em-booking-form” with class=”em-booking-form”.

Date and Time Pickers

Since we’re going to be using more of these down the line, it was important to make this as easy and unobtrusive as possible to add date and time pickers to any EM form. The result is any template you’ve overriden that contains time should be updated. You’ll find a more complete summary of how dates work now on here – http://em.cm/datetime

Changeset Summaries

Events Manager 5.1.8

  • fixed jigoshop session_start conflict
  • removed some group metabox php warnings
  • fixed slashes added to location/event name in db table
  • fixed/improved multisite capability management (see network admin settings)
  • events with >1 ticket will show multi-ticket editor regardless of single ticket mode setting
  • updated Brazilian language, added Catalan and fixed a few language datepicker oddities
  • fixed RSS validation fails for some special characters
  • fixed cancellations being possible after event boookings close
  • fixed admin-side search-by-category
  • fixed manage_others_bookings not allowing access to bookings without other caps
  • fixed calendar widgets taking on day link search arguments from other parts of the page
  • fixed admin email problems when in auto-approve mode and using alternate status numbers e.g. 5
  • added force-approve booking flag in EM_Booking::set_status
  • fixed ical locations and apostrophes and single ical file time offsets
  • fixed gallery shortcode for recurring events
  • fixed guest event submission auto-complete
  • refactored booking form JS to allow multiple forms on one page
  • fixed some booking js ui animations
  • fixed booking table overlay issues
  • added more js vars for translation purposes
  • improved placeholder replacement logic
  • added em_event_submission_login filter
  • simplified timepicker and datepicker JS and html strucuture for re-use
  • EM_Notices behaviour changed so errors are printed and not deleted, only at start/end of script

Pro 2.1.5

  •  fixed manual bookings not allowing admins booked to that event with double bookings disabled
  •  added missing error message on manual booking form admin-side validation
  •  fixed offline status not being editable if de-activated yet making a manual booking
  •  added classes to coupon code and authorize booking form elements
  •  fixed manual bookings bug for another user without a payment
  •  set status to pending rather than cancelled for re-review if partial refunds are made
  •  transactions now get deleted with bookings
  •  added manual delete transaction
  •  fix for multiple booking forms on one page
  •  further improvement to loading of a.net SDK to avoid plugin conflicts


  1. Chris says:

    Hi it seems after the upgrade the date picker when adding an event via the backend doesn’t work in chrome. Is this a known issue

  2. Kam says:

    I second Chris’ observation on the datepicker on chrome. Nothing is coming out when you try to select a date for a new event.

  3. David says:

    The date picker is broken now and I cannot enter events, when will this be corrected?

  4. marcus says:

    We shortly released version, which should correct datepicker problems, and subsequent JS issues with EM.

    Something that may catch you (even me) out is when upgrading, remember to manually refresh your page because your browser may still be storing the old js files on your browser cache, and that’s why it still may not work.

    If it doesn’t it’s possible you have a conflicting plugin/theme as a result of the upgrade of WordPress 3.4 or the plugin/theme themselves.

    • Chris says:

      Thanks Marcus, I managed to get it to sort itself out by clearing chrome’s cache it seems it was trying to use an old version of jquery which was causing the conflict and not showing the datepicker in Chrome.

  5. Jimmy says:

    I’m experience issues when saving an event. Seems to have something to do with reoccurrences in events and line 653 in class-eo-event.php

    I also noticed that only setting the Event Details (dates) and not in the ‘When’ section, returns an error and it requires me to also set the date in the ‘When’ section. Is there a way to either link the two or remove one of the two? Seems somewhat counter-intuitive to me as is.

  6. Miguel says:

    Something is wrong with the last version, it is not possible to save the new events (it doen’t create un id).

    I had to go back to version 5.17

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