5.2.2 and Pro 2.2.1 Released

Posted on August 26, 2012

This update tidies up certain minor aspects of the plugin, specifically the settings page. There is one notable feature, which we added to the Events Manager plugin:

Member Only Tickets

You can now create tickets that only your members can see and book! This is possible by going to edit your event and then click on the view/edit action next to the ticket you want to make private (or create a new ticket).

Recurring events and Cut-Off dates fix and side-effects

Two updates ago, we added booking cut-off dates to events, however this wreaked havoc on recurring events by setting the same cut-off date to every event, effectively closing all bookings too early. This  still wasn’t fixed by removing the cut-off date fields from recurring event forms in the last update, so we’ve fixed this on this update.

One problem is that users that created recurrences with bookings between these updates will have closed booking forms still, so to save headaches for the majority, EM will automatically reset all recurrences with a booking cut-off date of the start date/time of that recurrence.

The upside is all previously closed event bookings due to this bug should re-open. Downside is that if you had custom cut-off dates on some recurrences (i.e. you went in and edited the recurrence), these will be reset. This is a very rare occasion where we’d reset any event information, but given many users are confused by recurrences having closed bookings hopefully this fix more problems than cause new ones.

5.2.2 Changes

Here’s a summary taken from the readme.txt changeset:

  • added member-only tickets
  • added em_bookings_added action
  • fixed broken grouped events titles
  • fixed some timezone nuances in the ical, simpler and hopefully more reliable dealing with dst
  • fixed pesky recurrence bug not ignoring the new booking cut-off dates intended single events, as a result all recurring event cut-off times will be reset to null to prevent prematurely closed booking forms.
  • simplified some tab and panel names in the settings page, moved location map balloon settings to maps section
  • booking forms will now show under event content if override with formats is set to ‘no’
  • fixed some event/location attribute nuances with regards to defaults overriding each other, will document
  • made attributes, categories and featured image sections in public event/location editors their own template parts
  • removed links to person summary page if in no-user booking mode and user isn’t registered
  • fixed bad action url in booking form when under subdirectory installs (although not actually used by ajax)
  • fixed MS queries defaulting to global searches, including transactions
  • fixed MS network blog tables not being deleted by WP along with rest of blog

Pro 2.2.1 Changes

Here’s a summary taken from the readme.txt changeset:

  • fixed MS network blog tables not being deleted by WP along with rest of blog
  • fixed no-user mode bug showing assigned user information on the booking information page
  • fixed reminder emails including long spanning events that already started

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