4.303 Released

Posted on October 28, 2011

Here’s a quick breakdown of the fixes. Whilst there are a couple minor updates that will be tended to early next week, this release was fast-forwarded to fix an email conflict with WP_Mail for some users with specific setups. Couldn’t resist throwing in a quick little feature – html can now be used in emails :)

  • fixed PHPMailer conflict when in wp_mail
  • new feature added html support in emails (if using smtp, see Events >Settings > Email Settings to enable this)
  • new event owner now auto-selected
  • tickets now duplicated along with event
  • blank ticket price validation error fixed
  • fixed ‘available spaces’ bug when only one remaining reserved/pending space is confirmed

One Comment

  1. Teo Farro says:

    Great job, please can you add Aruba in the country list.