4.212 and other versioning madness

Posted on October 7, 2011

Changes to 4.212

  • Removed JavaScript entirely from booking form template to avoid future disparities between user templates and the default ones. If you have overriden the bookingform.php template file, please remove the JS included in there, it will now be added by EM_Event to the footer via the wp_footer action.
  • Fixed booking status naming mix-up when approvals are disabled
  • Added option to enable/disable user booking cancellation
  • Booking search attribute can use ‘user’ to show events booked by logged in users

Madness Explained

This was an educational week. Goes to show you can learn something new about WordPress every day!

You may have noticed the version numbers of Events Manager have been a little erratic, and even worse, many blogs weren’t notified of updates over the past week or so. This is due to an unknown nuance in the way the WordPress repository decides on latest version numbers.

What sparked this problem off was when we named version 4.171, which was a bump to 4.17 due to a premature release due to another unknown nuance (possibly a bug). As a result, the repository considered the following updates 4.18 and 4.2 as inferior (in fact, 4.2 is actually less than 4.18).

Lesson learnt. For those interested in what went on, see this – http://wordpress.org/support/topic/tagging-new-plugin-version-issues


  1. Holly says:

    It’s always the “simple” things that take so much time ;) For the record, I just got the notice on my wamp test install and upgraded from 4.171 to 4.212. Hope to get a site going in the next couple of weeks with this plugin. I checked several out and this one seems to offer the most versatile options. I look forward to seeing what update 5 brings and perhaps upgrade to pro if it all goes to plan!