Version 4.18 and Pro 1.35 Released

Posted on September 30, 2011

These updates are mainly fixing minor bugs, as well as adding further compatibility improvements. Note that you must update both plugins to the latest versions for them to work together properly.

4.18 Changes

  • corrected bad HTML in default category page format
  • added booking form JS to the wp_footer area for more theme compatibility
  • added em_admin_paginate filter
  • added em_bookings_{action} action for bookings page
  • updated placeholder docs
  • new tickets ordering setting
  • ticket name and descriptions accept images and link html
  • fixed bug when using whole year searches in shortcode
  • edit bookings link placeholders won’t show to users without permission
  • booking form will not show when an event is fully booked
  • fixed #_BOOKINGTICKETS placeholder showing incorrect space numbers
  • cancel booking link re-appearing in my-bookings section
  • improved display of group events
  • fixed double separator in title
  • scope now being correctly saved in event widgets
  • removed unnecessary filtering in email content, causing html entities in plaintext
  • updated the pot file and German/Swedish translations

Pro 1.35

  • fixed communication issues with the update notifier
  • added dev mode updates option in the events settings page, no editing of the wp-content.php required anymore!
  • the base gateway class does not override the default JS anymore (see main plugin for JS changes)
  • manual bookings can now be done by all users with the relevant permissions (previously limited to admins)
  • paypal payments will not include free tickets during checkout paying, avoiding errors on paypal
  • pot files updated
  • German and Swedish translations updated
  • fixed various warnings
  • multiple alert boxes when confirming offline payments fixed

Important Change (developer information)

Booking form JavaScript is now output at wp_footer.

If you or your developer have modified the JavaScript and are using the em_bookings_form_js filter to alter the JavaScript of booking form placeholders, please note that this filter has been depreciated and any JavaScript you wish to add for custom gateways should be added via the em_gateway_js which does not accept any parameters. If you require that filter due to the $EM_Event object being passed, please raise a question in the pro forums.

This is due to the fact that quite a few themes filter JavaScript in the content of a post, breaking the code and therefore the booking form. Placing the JavaScript in the footer will prevent this happening.

Note about the previous update

The recent commit of version 4.17 went out a few hours early due to some confusions with tagging plugin version on WordPress (for those interested, raised this on the forum here). This caused some confusion but was quickly corrected by updating a fully tested version of 4.171 and Pro 1.341 shortly after.

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