4.300 and Pro 1.36 Released

Posted on October 13, 2011

Along with polishing off some remaining minor bugs, we introduce a few cool new features to both Events Manager and Pro.

New Features

  • Add tax to your ticket prices, controlled from your settings page, compatible with PayPal and Offline payments.
  • Event owners will now be notified by email when events are approved.
  • Allow bookings without registering users on your blog! Here’s how it works (docs on the way):
    1. Create a dummy user with subscriber role
    2. Assign them as the booking user in Events > Settings > Booking and Ticketing Options (bottom of panel)
    3. Enable no-user bookings
    4. All bookings will “belong” to this dummy user which nobody has access to, however personal details will be overwritten by the individual booking details, i.e. name, email, phone, etc.
    • This is compatible with custom booking forms too!
    • Users with an account on your site can still benefit from being able to log in and view their bookings.

4.300 Changes

  • more calendar css cleanup
  • timepicker now working for public event forms
  • user cancellation of bookings now an option in settings
  • fixed compatibility with yoast seo plugin (EM overwrites the title)
  • custom attributes breaking when nested in conditional tags fixed
  • BP child themes should work properly now without the plugins.php file
  • ical DQUOTES problem removed

Pro 1.36 Changes

  • fixed bug which prevented transaction tables showing unregistered/deleted users.
  • warning added if EM plugin version is too low
  • update notices appear on the network admin area as well
  • added cron tasks for paypal booking timeouts, so you can automatically delete incomplete paypal transactions after x minutes
  • added return url option for paypal
  • paypal manual approvals won’t take effect with normal approvals disabled
  • offline pending spaces taken into account as pending
  • fixed logo not being shown on paypal payment page

One Comment

  1. mukesh says:

    more tag does not work in the wp event manager . please give a solution