4.16 and Pro 1.33 Released

Posted on September 12, 2011

Whilst mainly bugfixes, it’s hard to resist adding a feature or two in :)

New Features in 4.16

Image thumbnails added

Now you can use image thumbnails by adding #_EVENTIMAGE{x,y}, where x,y is the width,height (numbers only). This uses the timthumb.php script (yes, with the recent vulnerability fix), therefore it’s necessary to make the cache directory writeable by your server, as you would the wp-uploads folder.

Modify the slugs!

Whilst it’s not possible to remove the ‘event’,’category’,’location’ slugs preceding a location, it’s now possible to change these slugs by defining them in your wp-admin.php wp-config.php file. For example:

define('EM_EVENT_SLUG', 'course');
define('EM_LOCATION_SLUG', 'place');
define('EM_LOCATIONS_SLUG', 'places');
define('EM_CATEGORY_SLUG', 'course-type');
define('EM_CATEGORIES_SLUG', 'course-types');

Once you do this, remember to re-save your permalink settings so these new urls are recognized by WordPress’ rewrite api.

Minor Changes/Fixes

  • phone and further email booking problems fixed
  • added ical feed settings
  • added category events list formatting options (previously taken from location settings)
  • split up booking form template file into template parts
  • single ticket events with only one space (due to limits or availability) won’t show selection box
  • added some widget filters for search arguments
  • booking notes bug in 4.15 fixed

Changes to Pro 1.33

Pro mainly underwent various minor bug fixes:

  • adding a POT file for translators and a Swedish translation (thanks goes to Tommy Wahlund)
  • paypal price calculation uses the get_price method (for better hook integration)
  • fixed typos
  • js fix for some browser/site instances
  • fixed link to Membership Key

Stay tuned for more changes! We’ve got some very cool features down the pipeline already, and a big queue of features behind that.

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