Google API Key for Importing Locations

With Events Manager I/O, you can use Google APIs to improve or guess the location provided by events you import from different sources. This is particularly useful with sources which have little or no standardization with addresses and therefore require a large amount of guesswork to correctly parse an address.

Google API usage is subject to charges after surpassing their free usage allowance. Each time you preview or import a location with Google APIs enabled, you incur up to 3 API requests per location parsed.

To create a Google API, you need to follow the same steps as you would when setting up a Google Maps API key. The only difference when creating a key for I/O is that you would want to restrict your key by IP Address rather than HTTP referrers. The libraries that need to be enabled is the Geocoding and Places API (which may already be enabled for Google Maps in EM).

Once you have obtained your API key, visit Events I/O > Settings > General (Tab) > General Options and enter your Google Server API key there.