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Events Manager 5.7.2 Multisite Bugfixes

We’ve had some MultiSite related bugs crop up since the 5.7 update two days ago, which are specific to those running MultiSite and even more so when using shared tables (i.e. Global Mode). We recommend updating immediately and apologize for any inconvenience caused. We released 5.7.1 yesterday and 5.7.2 just

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Events Manager 5.7 and Pro 2.5

We’re happy to announce some overdue updates, packed with some new features, enhancements and tons of bug-fixes! A lot has gone into this update (the changelogs hopefully speak for themselves!), and a lot of these changes are also considered stepping-stones to more features in the near future and generally solidifying

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Events Manager

This is a minor update which fixes an issue which cropped up in the 5.6.6 update where search forms disappear when search form styling is turned off in the admin settings. The reason for this bug was due to changes in 5.6.6 where the search form was updated to become ADA

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Events Manager 5.6.6

Events Manager 5.6.6 fixed various issues and made a few minor improvements. One fixed issue in particular that cropped up in WordPress 4.6 and prompted this update to come out early was for themes that enable thumbnails/featured images for a specific subset of custom post types and throw a PHP error/warning. Additionally,

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Events Manager 5.6.5

We’ve just released 5.6.5 which is a minor release mainly aimed at the new changes in Google’s Maps API policy, requiring all new sites to start supplying an API key in order to produce maps. This was a sudden announcement by Google with no advanced warning, though it seems that

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Events Manager 5.6.4 (minor release)

Events Manager 5.6.4 is a minor maintenance release that fixes a few compatibility issues with WP FullCalendar 1.x as well as some category related issues: fixed WP FullCalendar (versions using FC 2.x library) not showing events outside current month fixed long events not showing on last day in WP FullCalendar fixed

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Pro – Important Update from 2.4.4

We’ve discovered a bug in Events Manager Pro which was introduced in the 2.4.4 update which can accidentally delete bookings when ALL the following are met: You’re using the Multiple Bookings Mode Beta feature The booking was made using our PayPal gateway You’ve set PayPal bookings to auto-delete after x minutes

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5.6.3 and Pro 2.4.4 Released

This is a maintenance release fixing various issues along with incompatibilities with PHP 7 and the recent release WordPress 4.5 Events Manager 5.6.3 Changes fixed events disappearing from calendar with WP FullCalendar plugin fixed PHP warning for delete booking when a user can’t manage booking removed our EM_PHPMailer class and

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5.6.2 Released

This latest release fixes various bugs including a few issues which cropped up in the weeks following the the latest WordPress 4.4 release. We have also done a large maintenance review of translations whilst migrating to the new way of translating Events Manager on As of now, our new

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5.6.1 and Pro 2.4.3 Released

This latest update is a minor release which fixes various known bugs including a few introduced in v5.6 Events Manager 5.6.1 Changes fixed no arguments being passed onto em_get_post_meta_pre and em_get_post_pre fixed minor PHP warning when viewing settings in paged tab mode fixed em_event_save_pre and em_location_save_pre firing before the get_post

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