Events Manager Pro 2.6.5 – Introducing Stripe Checkout!

Posted on September 13, 2019

Events Manager Pro 2.6.5 paves the way for our new add-on, Stripe Payments!

Stripe is the most hotly demanded gateway by our users, so we’re happy to be introducing this first implementation, which aside from being a super fast and easy setup procedure, is also SCA-Ready and compliant with the upcoming PSD2 regulations coming into force on the 14th September 2019.

Currently, we’re supporting Stripe Checkout only, where payment is taken on, which has multiple advantages including automatic PCI and SCA/PSD2 compliance. Over the coming months, we will be integrating other Stripe solutions as well as expanding on other gateways, which will form part of a bigger revamp of the Gateway API and booking form layout, which will pave the way to a lot more payment-related features.

Additionally, in the nearer pipeline, we’re going to be releasing a few things very shortly, including a minor Events Manager update in the coming week, along with a new Pro beta of our new Importer/Exporter add-on, Events Manager I/O.

We look forward to the last quarter of 2019, as we have a few features we’ve been working on already that we’re excited to share with you!


  1. Umair says:

    Great that you support Stripe now. But Stripe is still not available in many countries. Do you plan to support other payment processors? For example 2Checkout? (It supports a lot more countries than Stripe). Thanks.

  2. marcus says:

    Hi Umair,

    We are going to revamping on the booking flow and Gateway API over the coming months with the aim to add new features and also at the same time add new gateways.

    What I can’t guarantee is that we’ll be adding 2Checkout in the immediate future, although I do agree that is one of the popular gateways worth considering. Our first aim is to fully integrate the other Stripe and PayPal gateways, and then move onto other highly requested gateways. Maybe as the time comes we’ll take a survey!

  3. Dara says:

    How do I test stripe checkout on my test/dev site before launching. Is there any documentation on how to set it up?


    • marcus says:

      Hi Dara, testing with Stripe is pretty easy. You simply need to view your Stripe account on in test mode (bottom of the left menu) and obtain your API keys in the same way you would your real keys. Our docs on this are here. From there, you make a payment like you would with a live set of keys using their test card numbers.

  4. wannes says:

    Hi, in the description of eventmanager pro stand that the stripe payment gateway includes payments from bancontact, but i cant. Can you give me some clearity about it?

    • marcus says:

      Hi Wannes, you will need to contact Stripe about this, as you most likely need to set up your Stripe account further to accept different types of Payments. Since the payment page itself is hosted on, this will be controlled by them and their settings pages.

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