Events Manager 5.9.6

Posted on September 27, 2019

We’re happy to announce the much-awaited Events Manager 5.9.6!

This is largely a maintenance release which addresses most bugs/issues reported to us over the past months. Additionally, this also includes a security fix for a recently discovered potential vulnerability along with various security-related tweaks. We strongly recommend everyone to update for these reasons.

We are now setting our sites on new features and plan to release our second major feature of the year as early as next week. Stay tuned!

Meantime, here’s an exhaustive list of changes since 5.9.5

  • fixed monthly recurrence pattern issues with PHP <5.6
  • fixed multiple minor PHP Warnings including Countable errors when saving a booking in PHP 7.2+
  • added em_bookings_table_get_bookings_args filter, allowing ordering and more for bookings admin tables
  • added Faroe Islands to countries list
  • added custom dataset variable for EM_Options, added ability to save dbem_data array options in settings page
  • fixed publishing issues with long multibyte character post titles in recurring events
  • added em_mailer_before_send action to EM_Mailer->send() just before a mail is sent
  • added em_javascript_loaded jQuery trigger
  • added ability to send attachments via WP_Mail in EM_Mailer::send(), provided the transport used by it allows
  • added recurring event placeholders #_RECURRINGDATERANGE, #_RECURRINGPATTERN, #_RECURRINGID
  • fixed incorrectly named #_EDITLOCATIONURL and #_EDITLOCATIONLINK which were previouly (and still are) working under #_LOCATIONEDITLINK and #_LOCATIONEDITURL
  • fixed pagination for calendar day archives when formatting is disabled
  • added custom tabs hooks to settings page (including multisite which now has a default single tab)
  • added id property to each EM_Admin_Notice that is output to screen
  • optimized EM_Admin_Notices::add() so that strings are assumed to be hooks and no extra logic necessary to register the notice initially
  • added em_booking_pre_calculate_price hook
  • fixed potential PHP warning when editing other CPTs with galleries
  • fixed some incorrect ticket end times related to saving rsvp end dates for recurring events in single ticket mode with blank end dates/times
  • fixed inconsistent rsvp_end __set() compared to end and start properties,
  • fixed event rsvp ending at 12:00 instead of event time when no date is supplied in single ticket mode,
  • unified PHP get_post logic of start/end date/time recurrence info for tickets to reduce redundant code
  • fixed invalid rsvp end date persisting unless changed when first saving an event with blank start date
  • **potentially-breaking for custom code email filters*
    changed $output_type/$target method param in EM_Booking::email() calls to EM_Booking::output() function calls to ’email’, use get_option(‘dbem_smtp_html’) to determine whether to use HTML or not if using that format
  • changed event category/tag and location lists to not include pagination in emails due to lack of predictability for pagination links
  • added css tweaks to to admin single booking view and modify booking form in dashboard area
  • fixed lack or confirm-redirect for no-user booking personal details editor when viewing a single booking
  • fixed edit/delete links showing in post admin lists to users without the right caps (clicking these links had no result)
  • added some strict_type future-proofing to EM_DateTime class
  • added em_event_detach and em_event_attach filters
  • fixed location coordinates not being supplied for examct Gmap pin placement when auto-complete attaching a location to an event,
  • fixed double google API call when choosing an existing location via auto-complete search
  • changed #_LOCATIONMAP so no ‘map unavailable’ messgage is shown if google maps are disabled
  • fixed google maps location bubble CSS formatting issues in admin area
  • changed datepicker to show relative year range dropdown selector according to currently selected date, allowing for flexible year selection
  • fixed potential stored XSS vulnerability, many thanks to Tobias Fink of SBA-Research for a good eye and responsible (pending) disclosure
  • fixed lack of validation when submitting tickets with higher min spaces than max spaces allowed in the ticket
  • added username to exportable/viewable field columns in booking admin
  • fixed embedded maps display errors when there is an & character in name or address
  • fixed certain recurrence patterns with “last x of the month” skipping months
  • fixed recurring events showing location meta boxes and columns when locations are disabled
  • fixed event count not showing up in event profile tab
  • fixed events admin table front-end showing location column when locations disabled,
  • fixed location placeholders getting processed if locations are disabled
  • fixed yearly recurring events not working for any value other than 1 yearly interval
  • fixed precision inconsistencies between location coordinates in wp_postmeta and wp_em_locations by changing mysql FLOAT to DECIMAL and rounding numbers on $_POST retrieval
  • fixed ticket prices input/display in event admin not accepting localized decimal separators
  • fixed minor CSS validation errors in events_manager.css
  • fixed #_BOOKINGDATE not working on first automated sent email
  • fixed port assignation errors in SMTP mail settings
  • pre-emptively hardened some lines of code as recommended by the wordpress security team

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