Events Manager 5.9.4 & Pro

Posted on June 10, 2018

Today’s release is a maintenance release following up last month’s release, which contained various privacy-related features for the European GDPR laws that came into force.

Both updates fix a few issues that arose from consent boxes and different contexts where events, locations and bookings are submitted/edited. We’ve also ensured that anonymously submitted events that have attached locations will now store that information on both objects, allowing them to act independently from each other for exporting/erasing personal data.

Events Manager 5.9.4 Changelog

  • added em_rewrite_rules_array filter for final permalink rule manipulation
  • fixed privacy consent blocking certain actions such as single booking button and admin-side submissions
  • fixed fatal errors when showing the consent checkbox in WordPress 5.9.5 and earlier
  • fixed the quick booking button not working in ajax search results
  • fixed privacy policy consent form label not being translatable for multilingual sites
  • fixed inconsistent date headers in certain situations with UTC manual offset dates
  • fixed incorrect link to .eot dashicon file for IE11
  • added anonymous submitter data to locations for new event submissions and integrated this with GDPR export/erase tools
  • fixed location slug blanks when directly published from front-end via submitting an event
  • added default ical and rss feed limits to avoid overloading as number of events grow
  • corrected docs to include ‘recurrences’ search attribute
  • added timezone pre-formatting to functions that produced incorrect output for timezone date placeholders
  • fixed default categories not being applied for events with no categories
  • fixed locations being selectable for events in other blogs within a multisite global mode when locations don’t all reside on main blog

Events Manager Pro

  • fixed data privacy consent checkboxes showing on both individual event and checkout pages for multiple bookings

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