Events Manager Pro 2.6.6 Release

Posted on September 24, 2019

This is a maintenance release that follows up 2.6.5 and fixes some pending bugs:

  • minor css tweaks to booking view of Multiple Booking cart details
  • fixed checkbox and multi-booking issues for no-user booking details editor on single booking
  • fixed ARRAY literal appearing in booking email for checkboxes in certain scenarios
  • fixed ‘Class ‘EM_Admin_Notices’ not found’ errors in PHP logs
  • removed EMP_PAYPAL_SSL_OVERRIDE constant, use EMP_GATEWAY_SSL_OVERRIDE instead
  • added em_coupons_admin_meta_box_coupons and em_coupons_admin_meta_box_show_code filters to control what coupons and whether codes are shown in event submission forms
  • fixed user login fields not showing up on booking forms when user is logged in, added option to show/hide username profile field in settings page (Events Manager includes fix to show username for CSV/Columns)
  • added rejected custom email template to events and gateways which get sent to admins
  • fixed case sensitivity in coupon codes
  • fixed coupon descriptions not getting saved if left blank when editing
  • fixed company logo not displaying on PayPal checkout page (due to deprecated parameter name)

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