Events Manager is capable of being translated into any language using the standard wordpress localization methods.

All language files are located within the includes/langs folder. We have various languages which have been translated using Google Translate and many of these have been corrected by native speakers.

If your desired language is not currently translated, partially translated or needs correcting, you can edit or create a translation file which will automatically be used when you are viewing the site in this language. If you update a language file, you can send it over to us and we’ll include it in consequent updates for the benefit of all (and so you don’t need to keep replacing the file each update).

poEdit is one of the many tools you can use to translate plugins. We use it because it does the job very well! You can use other translation software as long as it creates valid po/mo files.

Locating the POT file

The POT file is located in the includes/langs folder for Events Manager, and within the langs folder for Events Manager Pro. Since Pro is an Add-On, this file contains translations for the new features provided.

Translating your own language

  1. Open up poEdit
  2. Go to File -> New catalog from POT file
  3. When the setting Window Pops-up choose your desired language and start translating.
  4. To save a .po file, go to File -> Save As
  5. A .mo file will be automatically generated upon saving alongside your newfile, otherwise save again as a .mo file too

Updating your translation PO File from POT file

  1. Open up the .po file by double-clicking it, or opening it from within poEdit
  2. Go to Catalog -> Update from POT file
  3. The POT file is located within the includes/langs folder of the plugin

Generating an MO File automatically on save

  1. On the menu, go to File -> Preferences -> Editor Tab
  2. Be sure that you click “Automatically compile .mo file on save”
  3. Click OK

Editing/Updating your PO/MO file

  1. Open up the .po file by double-clicking it, or poening it from within poEdit
  2. Start translation
  3. Make sure the .po file is also updated

Submitting your translation

Once you’ve translated the file, why not send it over (let us know about your translation, we’ll get in touch)?

By doing this you’re helping the community and also making sure your site remains translated when automatically updating the plugin. If you’ve never contacted us before, please use the contact form and let us know that you have a translation for us, we will inform you where to send the translation files. Thanks in advance!