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Posted on October 20, 2011

Dear All,

It’s gotten to the point that this post will be a catchall answer to the various questions regarding the conversion from events to posts. This will let us get on with it rather than talk about it :)

Feature Freeze

There is now officially a feature-freeze in Events Manager 4. The next feature to come out will be Events to Posts in version 5, and since this means rewriting a lot of code, in the meantime only bugs will be fixed in version 4.

“What’s the ETA on posts?”

The most regularly asked question at the moment is “What’s the ETA on posts?”. Well, the answer was and temporarily remains ‘soon’. Why? This is because the move to posts is very significant and in many ways completely changes the way EM works. With all the powerful features in EM, there’s a lot to sift through and port to a post-style format and giving a deadline is not really an option yet.

Progress so far…

Progress is being made, and it’s really not far away from an Alpha (looking like the end of next), which will be released to Pro members first as ‘trial’ testers. As the plugin goes into beta/RC, it’ll be made available to the rest of the community.

Things are falling into place and it’s shaping up to be an exciting change to Events Manager, which will open up the possibilities even further with regards to making the way events work for you the way you want it!

– Marcus


  1. Sam says:

    Looking forward to version 5!

  2. Eggi says:

    Dear Markus,

    I think, you make a great job. If you need some one who test it too…

    I would be very pleased to make it. And I think it is a good way that you make a feature freeze.

    And I think….. Events Manager is the biggest Event Tool for WordPress….

    Thanks for you work

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