Event Bookings

  • Multiple Ticket Booking Options
    • Create multiple tickets with various optional restrictions such as min/max tickets per order and start/end sale dates.
  • Automatic Emails
    • Customizable emails that go out to your users to inform them on the status of their booking and how they can view their booking on your site.
  • Sell Out with PayPal!
    • Let PayPal and Events Manager handle taking payments for your events! Users pay on PayPal, your site gets notified and securely confirms bookings. More gateways on their way!
  • Booking Pre-Approvals
    • Amongst the many event booking options, Put users through manual approval before confirming their place at your events. Overbooking options are also allowed.
  • Manage Attendees
    • View/Edit/Cancel bookings, export to csv, keep internal communication¬†history and various other tools to help keep your events in order!

Screenshots coming soon…