Allow Bookings Without Creating User Accounts

Events Manager automatically creates an account for each new user that books a space at an event. The benefits of this are that users can return to the site, log in, and view their booking details, cancel, and opens the possibility to much more customer interaction.

There are various occasions where site owners do NOT want to allow users to create accounts on their website. Due to an overwhelming number of requests for this possibility, we created a workaround called No-User Booking Mode.

How It Works

What happens in this mode is that bookings are still attributed to a user account, but in No-User Booking mode, ALL bookings not belonging to a registered user will be assigned to a ‘dummy’ user. All the personal information about that person who made the booking will be stored within the booking database tables rather than the user tables. When bookings belonging to this dummy user are loaded for viewing or processing, the personal information of the attendee is loaded and replaces the dummy user.

You can still use the normal user bookings in this mode, because registered users will still have to log in because their email is already being used. In these cases, bookings will be attributed to the logged in user and they’ll be able to access their booking information as normal.

Activating No-User Bookings

To Activate No-User Bookings, you must first create a new user by going to Users > Add User in your admin dashboard. It’s recommended you give them minimal privileges and use an account that nobody needs to log into. You could call it e.g. eventsmanagerbookings and give it a Subscriber role.

Then, visit your Events > Settings > Booking Options tab in your admin dashboard, and there you’ll see the No-User Booking Mode panel.

Enable no-user bookings and assign bookings to your new dummy user, which should appear in the list. Note that if you’re using MultiSite, you may need to add the user to that blog.

Disadvantages of No-User Bookings

  • Users cannot log in and view their previous and current bookings.
  • Event Admins cannot view the history of a single user.
  • Event admins cannot search for specific users to bring up booking information.