Location Types

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As of version, Events Manager supports different Location Types. This can be broken down into two main categories and then further subcategories; “Locations” (a.k.a. Physical Locations) and “Event Locations”

Locations are the original types of locations available in earlier versions of Events Manager. For this reason, they remain as “Locations” and represent physical locations that are generally re-usable for multiple events.

“Event Locations” are specific locations unique to a particular event. Event Locations will have a specific type (a subcategory) as a URL, or a specific Webinar (such as our Zoom integration, for example).

Below are links to specific documentation about each location type:

Enabling Location Types

By default, Physical Locations and URLs are enabled as possible location types, as well as the choice of having no locations at all.

To enable or disable location types, head over to Events > Settings > General (tab) > General Options in your WordPress Dashboard and scroll down to the Location Settings section.

There, if you enable locations, you’ll see the different location types available to you for activation. Note that at the time of writing, Physical Locations and URLs are available by default, Zoom location types require our free Zoom integration plugin.

Once enabled, when creating events, you’ll be presented with a dropdown selection of location types, which will display the relevant fields to create or select your location for the event.

For more specific setup instructions, visit our individual location type documentation pages, with links further up.

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