Zoom Integration

The Events Manager integration with Zoom allows you to create Zoom Meetings, Webinars whilst automatically whilst creating new events and link them together. Additionally, your site visitors can book directly via Events Manager, including taking online payments.

Please visit our documentation pages for setup instructions.

Create and Manage Zoom Webinars and Meetings

When you create an event and assign it a Zoom Meeting or Webinar, a corresponding meeting/webinar will be created on your Zoom account, with the same title, date and description as your event.

Additionally, you can edit all the advanced settings of the Zoom meeting/webinar direction from your event settings, such as passwords, recording settings and join options.

Accept Bookings Directly on Your Site

With Events Manager, our bookings functionality will seamlessly integrate and sync new bookings with Zoom. You can also cancel or reject bookings and this will also be updated on Zoom.

Pro Powerups

With Events Manager Pro, you can further integrate Pro features with Zoom:

  • Accept online and offline payments, only register a user on Zoom once payment is made.
  • Generate unique Join URLs for paid members, and include them in automated confirmation emails.
  • Allow for multiple attendees to be booked at once using our custom attendee booking forms, with individual Join URLs.
  • Additional booking form fields are also added to the Zoom registration for future exporting/viewing.

Link to Zoom Registration Forms

If your events are free, and you’d prefer to link directly to Zoom, you can also link directly to the registration form, included in the suite of new placeholders (see below).

Display Information via Placeholders

Make use of our powerful Events Manager placeholders to display information about your meetings and webinars on your event content.

This can include Meeting IDs, passwords, registration URLs, and Join URLs.

Zoom Rooms (limited support)

Zoom Rooms integration allows you to select a Zoom Room whilst creating an event. Since Zoom Rooms operate differently to meetings/webinars, Zoom’s API does not allow meetings to be arranged and therefore we are limited to room selection only at this time.

Download Now!

Our Zoom integration is free to download and is compatible with older versions of Pro too!

Download Events Manager for Zoom

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