Events Manager 6.2.1 – Your Year in Review!

Posted on January 5, 2023

We’re happy to announce a new feature for 6.2(.1) just in time to help you review your last year of event sales! The feature in question is graphs and statistics, which includes a comprehensive set of options including:

  • WP Dashboard Widget
  • Global events and individual event views
  • multiple graph types (bar, line, pie)
  • time range selection
  • time and metric comparison
  • booking status selection
  • grouping by year, month, week and day
  • stacking (subgrouping), such as viewing sales per month per week
  • summaries of totals and averages

All the above should give you the ability to generate very meaningful graphs for all your events or just a specific event, from understanding seasonal fluctuations to even the best performing day or week of the month! Here’s some example screenshots:

Graphs come enabled by default, you can disable this in your Settings > Bookings > Booking Chart Options settings page.

We hope this will help you with a great start to 2023, and wish you many percentage increases comparing to 2022!

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