Events Manager 5.7 and Pro 2.5

Posted on May 14, 2017

We’re happy to announce some overdue updates, packed with some new features, enhancements and tons of bug-fixes!

A lot has gone into this update (the changelogs hopefully speak for themselves!), and a lot of these changes are also considered stepping-stones to more features in the near future and generally solidifying what we consider to be a solid events framework for WordPress. You can expect some more frequent updates that’ll build on many of these changes, and more feature-focused updates over the coming months.

We’re really looking forward to the second half of 2017, where we hope to see various projects see fruition and help shape some great new foundation features for Events Manager!

Events Manager 5.7

The more notable additions to Events Manager are:

  • Recurrences – Updates to recurrence templates will not delete/recreate previous recurrences (and consequently deleting bookings) unless the event is rescheduled or if booking ticket settings are modified.
  • Admin settings import/export – you can now export all of your admin settings so you can import them into another website.
  • Map styles! – Style your Google Maps to give them a unique look. Check out the updated Google Maps documentation page.
  • No-User Booking Mode – OK, we already had that feature, but now bookings really belong to no users! Previously, you had to assign a dummy user to bookings which caused confusion especially when deleting that dummy user. Now, all no-user bookings belong to user ID 0, just turn on no-user bookings and you’re set!
  • A rewritten booking price adjustment API allowing for discounts and surcharges to be programatically added to bookings in a standardized way (a brief tutorial for developers soon to follow).
  • Various new placeholders and conditional placeholders:
    • #_EVENTEXCERPTCUT – same as #_EVENTEXCERPT but will cut text of excerpts as well as regular content.
    • is_user_attendee / not_user_attendee – Show content if a user is or not attending an event.
    • is_user_attendee_x/not_user_attendee_x – Same as above except will also filter by booking status where x is replaced by booking status number (e.g. show content to users with a pending (0) booking).


Below is a full list of changes in Events Manager 5.7.

  • added em_events_admin_args filter allowing modification of event search arguments
  • removed jQuery UI localize files for the datepicker in favor of WP 4.6 native localization
  • fixed potential bug where modified ticket spaces aren’t saving correctly when editing a booking
  • added is_user_attendee, not_user_attendee and variations of both proceeding with _0 or another number representing booking status
  • added edit/view shortcut links for each event location in events list admin area
  • fixed conflict with BuddyPress Group Extras and potentially other plugins when one or more of our list pages aren’t assigned a page (e.g. locations page) resulting in a blank page
  • fixed ical feed not serving wrapped content lines,
  • added EM_ICAL_APPLE_STRUCT constant to allow omitting of X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION lines in the ical file
  • fixed formatting issues with ical X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION line
  • fixed instances where locations or events automatically creating a post slug if needed when published
  • fixed location image display issues on other blogs when in MultiSite Global mode
  • corrected and updated docs
  • fixed switch_to_blog() being used instead of restore_current_blog() in buddypress/bp-em-core.php (props @mikegillihan)
  • fixed search form CSS inconsistencies for Twenty Seventeen theme
  • fixed locations map breaking when provided with object versions of JSON response (such as with WPML compat add-on)
  • updated maps google library to always use most stable version
  • fixed issues when creating MS Global Events programmatically
  • moved some logic out of the EM_Event->output() function into their own function for easier future use in templates
  • fixed google calendar links not including full location address
  • added an import/export settings option in settings page
  • added ability to use post_id in calendar shortcode and PHP functions
  • added has_location and no_location to event search attributes
  • added [events_map] shortcode which searches by event rather than location
  • changed behaviour of zooming when mouse is over a map so a click is required first to avoid catching whilst scrolling the page
  • fixed all errors and warnings for PHP 7 and others highlighted by PHP Compatibility Checker plugin
  • added decimal parameter to get_tax_rate functions which allows fixing of minor PHP warning when tax is set to 0
  • fixed filter typos and _get_sql positions in EM_Bookings::get() and EM_Locations::get()
  • removed unnecessary storage of _post_id in postmeta for recurring events
  • fixed bug where tickets aren’t deleted with event
  • fixed incompatibility with WP Fastest Cache for bookings on cached pages
  • fixed EM_Categories not removing categories if none are selected when resaving an event
  • added em_get_events_admin_url() function
  • added major improvements to recurring events including ability to duplicate templates and also make changes without deleting previous recurrences,
  • changed various event editor templates to accommodate new recurring event changes
  • changed no-user bookings feature to not require a dummy user
  • changed no-user bookings so previous bookings appear correctly regardless of whether NU bookings is enabled or disabled
  • tweaked PHP Mail sending method to go through WP PHPMailer class for better encoding
  • fixed overly aggressive filtering of get_the_date and get_the_time filters (kudos @boonebgorges)
  • fixed missing map markers array variable to be supplied in JS hook em_maps_locations_hook (kudos @raruto)
  • changed booking discount php functions into price adjustment functions which will now allow for surcharges to be implemented
  • fixed guest submissions with bookings enabled producing false permission errors instead of a confirmation
  • fixed/updated media uploader JS interface for category image
  • added more booking price filters to individual functions
  • fixed minor nuance where upcoming events scope filter not selectable on mobile view
  • fixed JS not being loaded automatically on events list when JS performance loading enabled
  • fixed regex matching preventing use of a #_LATT attribute within an #_ATT default value bracket
  • fixed confirmation message not showing for event duplication
  • added duplicate shortcut link on dashboard edit event page
  • fixed issues with selection of Sunday on monthly recurrences and the generated pattern summary
  • changed/fixed events_list_grouped using date format for sub-section titles from settings page if no date_format supplied regardless of grouping mode
  • added em_scripts_and_styles_public_enqueue_pages filter for custom pages to automatically include EM script/styles when limiting for performance is enabled
  • fixed PHP non-object notices on certain non-EM dashboard pages
  • changed booking form scrolling JS to scroll to booking message feedback element and added EM_BOOKING_MSG_JS_OFFSET constant to allow adjusting the offset in wp-config.php
  • fixed redirect link on booking form login not taking into account SSL pages
  • added #_EVENTEXCERPTCUT to allow cutting of both excerpts and post content
  • changed event all day times to start at 00:00:00 and end at 23:59:59 when saved (kudos @cliffpaulick)
  • changed default search form settings behaviour to ignore country filtering if search option is not enabled
  • fixed scheduled recurring events not publishing recurrences
  • improved google maps JS for multiple events/locations maps and auto-zooming of included locations (kudos @benklocek)
  • fixed minor php warning on user profile page
  • tweaked booking JS to allow a redirect variable passed on with a successful response
  • fixed ‘Bookings’ header not being translated when formats are disabled and booking form is added just after content
  • fixed ticket availability status indicator showing false to admins when ticket is restricted to guests
  • added get_total_paid function (mainly for hooking purposes in Pro add-ons)
  • added support for Google Maps styles via services like the Google Maps Style Wizard or Snazzy Maps

Events Manager Pro 2.5

Events Manager Pro has received a lot of bug-fixes and minor improvements. Along with all the benefits of updates made to Events Manager, Pro 2.5 also has an interesting new addition:

  • Improved WPML integration!  Booking forms can now be translated into multiple languages. Check out the form editors for more information.

As mentioned before, we consider this a stepping stone update, leading to more features very soon, including a new Import/Export add-on that’ll be out as a closed beta exclusive to Pro members!


  • added WPML compatibility with custom booking forms
  • fixed double emails sent when booking cancelled by user
  • fixed not logging custom currency for transaction history
  • fixed css issue with drag/drop icon in form editor
  • fixed nonce verification issues when adding note to Multiple Booking record
  • added conversion to utf8mb4 collation in tables if WP tables have it too
  • fixed typo in em_gateway_authorize_aim_sale_var filter and leaving old filter to avoid breakage
  • updated security certificate for
  • added debug logging to gateway
  • fixed status changes to main booking in MB mode not firing sub-booking status change filters
  • fixed transactions table JS using outdated live method
  • fixed #_BOOKINGTXNID outputting unreliable ID values when used within a loop of bookings
  • added conversion to utf8mb4 collation in tables if WP tables have it too
  • fixed typo in em_gateway_authorize_aim_sale_var filter and leaving old filter to avoid breakage
  • updated security certificate for
  • added debug logging to gateway
  • fixed status changes to main booking in MB mode not updating sub-booking statuses
  • fixed transactions table JS using outdated live method
  • fixed #_BOOKINGTXNID outputting unreliable ID values when used within a loop of bookings
  • added API verification of pending payments before deleting them in case of IPN failures
  • added em_before_manual_booking_form and em_after_manual_booking_form actions to manual booking form
  • fixed various PHP 7 warnings cropping up on the PHP Compatibility Checker plugin
  • changed _emp function to emp_ to prevent false positive report on the PHP Compatibility Checker
  • changed v1 recaptcha library to allow proxies by defining RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER_PROXY and RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_PORT_PROXY
  • changed code to use new no-user mode detection functions
  • fixed minor PHP warning when submitting in some specific custom form setups
  • fixed possible overbooking scenario when using and multiple simultaneous bookings
  • modified coupons and gateways to accommodate new generic price adjustments api in Events Manager
  • added filters to EM_Multiple_Booking functions and removed price calculation from get_price() as this should be calculated at get_price_base()
  • modified MB cart table templates to reflect booking surcharges API
  • fixed potential paypal errors when user saves account email with a trailing space on settings page
  • fixed issues when CSS/JS loading is limited for performance and not being loaded automatically on MB checkout and cart pages
  • changed recaptcha library to use v2 by default for PHP versions 5.3 upwards (define EM_RECAPTCHA_2 and set to false to continue using v1),
  • fixed booking-related admin options (forms editor, gateways etc.) still showing up if bookings are disabled
  • changed multiple booking redirect to be provided by new ‘redirect’ response variable now handled by EM JS
  • fixed paypal full refunds resulting in booking status changing to pending rather than cancelled
  • fixed view of ‘my coupons’ and ‘all coupons’ for admins in Multiple Booking Mode
  • added surcharges summary to MB #_BOOKINGSUMMARY template – templates/placeholders/bookingsummary-multiple.php
  • fixed all transactions showing in certain booking admin views after clicking the filter button
  • added option to choose ‘none’ as an attendee form
  • fixed guest tickets and other restricted tickets not showing up in manual bookings
  • fixed/changed form editor to prevent unexpected overwriting of fields on a single form with duplicate IDs
  • fixed some inconsistencies when saving custom registration fields with same field ID as a regular field type or core user field id
  • fixed event booking/attendee form selection allowing the default form to be specifically selected so changes to default form don’t change assigned event forms
  • fixed custom email templates not accepting full HTML template
  • fixed duplicated events not copying custom booking/attendee form choices
  • fixed issues with renaming attendee forms and resaving causing an overwrite of default form
  • fixed Coupon count cache syncing issues
  • added ‘Total Paid’ column in bookings table with sum of payments made
  • changed PayPal gateway name to PayPal (Payments Standard)


  1. Balto says:

    Hello there,

    I think you misstyped the version number of the Pro version (2.7) in the subheading and in the text. The main title contains the right version number (2.5).

    Thanks for the updated versions,

  2. Joanna says:

    Great to see positive movement with EM Pro and looking forward to more releases soon!

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