5.4 and Pro 2.3.5 Released

Posted on May 6, 2013

We’ve been hard at work at this release, and in fact a big part of this update has been worked on in tandem with some of the recent update as we put some finishing touches on our new Multiple Bookings feature. I’m specifically talking about the new booking pricing calculation flow, which I also blogged about last week.

There’s still a few pending fixes that we did not manage to get to in this update (which were identified in 5.3.9, unrelated to this update) , however the plan is to release another update later this week which patches up some other issues we are already aware of. Stay tuned!

5.4 Changelog

  • fixed drag/drop in bookings admin not always recognizing the change
  • improved location search and reset ui logic
  • fixed precision of long/lat values in database
  • fixed taxonomy filtering bug in admin area
  • added possibility to override timthumb via wp-content/em-timthumb-config.php
  • fixed some php warnings
  • updated French, Russian, Czech translations and POT file
  • changed templates/tables/events.php to use $EM_Event instead of $event
  • fixed #_BOOKINGBUTTON JS jumps when clicked
  • revamped pricing calculations to account for taxes applied at time of booking (see http://em.cm/v5-4)
  • added a standardized discounts system pre/post tax
  • fixed EM overridden pages showing despite password-protection
  • fixed some settings typos
  • fixed month scope filter skipping last day of month events in admin events list area

Pro 2.3.5 Changelog

  • revamp of coupons system, uses v5.4 discount system
  • coupons now support Multiple Bookings Mode
  • coupons can now be added pre/post tax
  • delayed transactions table init() so BP doesn’t trigger a _doing_it_wrong function
  • moved MB stuff out of emp-admin.php and into multiple-bookings-admin.php
  • added option for redirection to checkout page for multiple bookings whenever making a single booking
  • updated MB mode and PayPal gateway to use new v5.4 pricing functions
  • fixed some php warnings
  • updated Russian language file
  • improved retrieval of booking name in MB mode, e.g. single event booking = event name, multiple booking = ‘Multiple Events’


  1. ameira says:

    I absolutely love your product. However, after I installed this latest update people have not been able to submit new bookings (my events do not require payment, just registration) and I stopped being able to view the bookings that were submitted before yesterday. Just a heads up! Suggestions on how to fix that would be appreciated :)

  2. marcus says:

    Hi Ameira, Thanks for the kind words, and sorry to hear you’re having upgrade issues. If you could bring this up on the forums, we’ll help you troubleshoot.

    It does sound like a JavaScript issue, which can happen sometimes when you upgrade WP or other plugins as well. Before posting please check if it works temporarily with other plugins disabled and/or the default WP theme. A link to the booking form may help us figure out the cause as well.

  3. marcus says:

    For anyone else reading, we released 5.4.1 late last night which fixed the problem for viewing past booking and in some cases booking forms not working.

    Please upgrade to 5.4.1 and if you run into any problems please let us know on the forums and we’ll be happy to help you there!

    More information on the update.

  4. nicquee says:


    I am using your plugin and from what I remember, prior to the update, I am able to click the event title from the homepage from which I will be able to see the complete details of each event. I cannot do that now. How do I do that again?

  5. marcus says:

    I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but if you could rephrase the issue or provide an example link on our forums we’ll be happy to help you there.

    Free – http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/events-manager
    Pro – http://eventsmanagerpro.com/support