4.14 and Pro 1.3 Released

Posted on August 16, 2011

It’s nearing a month since the latest update. By our usual standards it’s a long time, however, time = more features so we’ve been constantly updating the development versions of both plugins and delays in updates were a result of making sure all new features worked correctly.

Now… onto the new features.

Main Plugin Features/Changes

  • Admin-editable bookings/tickets
  • BP menu items do not show if a user doesn’t have the relevant capabilities
  • Member/Guest submit forms improved (still in beta due to pending template changes, but functionality is there)
  • Updated the help pages with new placeholders
  • Fixed a register-before-booking bug
  • CSV event bookings export now an overridable template
  • Cleaned up some ical formatting problems
  • Countries list updated
  • Fixed datepicker popping up in add/edit ticket window on occasion
  • Calendar headings have mb_ support for multi-byte characters.
  • Various smaller bugfixes and warning removals

For a fully detailed changeset, see http://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/changeset?reponame=&new=424133%40events-manager&old=411572%40events-manager

Pro Features/Changes

The best for last …

Pro has gotten it’s first fully-sponsored upgrade, which includes two very important improvements:

The first feature just makes life so much easier for everyone. What’s nicer though is that those willing to try my ever updating development versions (i.e. works in progress) can now subscribe to dev mode and be notified of new updates as stable dev versions are released and updating is a matter of clicking ‘update’.

Booking forms has taken most of the attention during this update. This new way of doing things takes the booking form to a new level and also opens a platform for loads more improvements. For a better idea of how the forms work, look at the documentation in the link above.

Aside from this, various improvements have been made:

  • various php warnings removed
  • Successful booking message is now more intuitive when redirecting to PayPal (soon to be customizable)
  • PayPal payments can be resumed if left unpaid

And As Usual….

Lots more to come!

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