Events Manager 4.0.2 Released

Posted on May 10, 2011

The current release fixes various bugs:

  • updated default formats and event options on install
  • fixed title meta location problem
  • added town/country/state/region search attributes for locations
  • added extra linking formatting for calendars (minor tweak for bug report)
  • datepicker locale now matches WPLANG setting (if applicable)
  • fixed recurrence and category issues
  • changed version update mechanism

Two nuances in this update:

Updates not going smoothly

Over the past months, I’ve received a lot of complaints regarding updates not going smoothly. I now know why and made a screencast to help you upgrade… it was a change in wordpress behaviour, so this could have happened as early as since 2.9 if you used bulk updating. I made a screencast for those with past upgrade issues, however, this update should now allow you to install your plugin however you like and no de/reactivation required!


If you created recurrences in 4.0 (i.e. over the past few days or during the beta), the links currently point to the first recurrence. In 4.0.1 or earlier, only the first recurrence would have the right categories too.  To fix this, you just need to reshedule each set of recurrences (i.e. click reschedule on any recurrence) and save the previous settings without modifying anything. If you have bookings in these recurrences, you shouldn’t do this, as you’ll lose booking information. You’ll need to edit those with a booking individually first, then do the above. After that, delete the duplicate recurrences without the booking information. Sorry for the inconvenience if this affects you!


  1. Irene Lee says:

    Thanks for the latest update Marcus. Is there any word on when the Pro version will be out where there’s PayPal integration? As I understand the original date was the 9th.

    And if I wanted the Pro version, should I wait for that before installing Event Manager 4.0.2? Just want to understand if the Pro component is an add-on that I can just add to Event Manager 4.0.2, or is Pro version a standalone Event Manager plugin that I have to wait for (includes PayPal integration). Cheers.

  2. Denny says:

    Thanks for the update Marcus! Love EM so much! Do you have a list on which lines you have modified? As I have done few modification on the original version. Thanks again.

  3. yellowtail says:

    Hi, I just left a comment on an older news story not realizing this was here, so apologies for the double post. :) I was just wondering whether the ability for non-buddypress-based site users to add and edit events had been implemented in this version, or when the expected arrival date of that feature might be. Thank you again for a terrific plugin.

  4. Jann says:


    Multisite functionality does not seem to work properly. When I create a new location in any of the subsites (using subdomains) I get the following message when I save the location:

    “You do not have the rights to manage this location.”

    Despite this message, when I click on the ‘Location’ tab the recently added location appears in the menu. I’m however unable to edit the location and when I click on the location I get the same message as above. I am however able to delete the location.

    This newly created location does however not appear in the dropdown list when I add a new event.

    I have SuperAdmin network access, admin access for the particular subsite and have also checked(marked as true) all permissions for the administrator and editor roles.