Importing & Exporting with Google Sheets

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This page will provide specific information about importing and exporting via the Google Sheets service using the Google I/O add-on for Events Manager I/O. Only major differences from common options are mentioned here, for more general information see the importing and exporting documentation.

Google Sheets will import and export the same way as CSV and Excel, please refer to the spreadsheet import/export documentation for more general instructions. The main difference being selecting where to import/export and that data is pushed to a destination sheet when exporting (which is why syncing is possible).

Selecting Sheets

When importing or exporting, you will need to select the desired account associated with the spreadsheet you would like to work with. The text field next to it will be the URL to the desired spreadsheet. This is the same URL used to access the spreadsheet, and if you would like to work with a specific sheet within that spreadsheet you need to click on that sheet first so that you have the correct URL.

Syncing Sheets

Google Sheets I/O supports syncing, meaning you can create an import or export and sync events so they are not added twice in either direction and are also updated accordingly. However, given the nature of Spreadsheets, there are some caveats.

When importing we strongly suggest you provide an Event ID when using field mapping, otherwise it may not be possible to differentiate a new event from an updated event.

Exporting items will update the last known row the item was previously exported to, any new rows are added to the bottom of the sheet below the last row of data. Therefore, if you will be editing the sheet after exporting by adding new rows, you should always add new data to the bottom of the sheet. Alternatively, you can create a new export to the same sheet and all exported data will be added to the bottom of the sheet (this may result in duplicates).

Importable/Exportable Information

Google Sheets will work just like a regular spreadsheet, therefore you can refer to the documentation about importing and exporting spreadsheets with I/O.

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