Thrive Automator Integration

Posted on January 9, 2023

When we released 6.1.6, we announced an integration with the Thrive Automator plugin by Thrive Themes, included in Events Manager. This may come as puzzling to those aware of our own recently launched Events Manager Automator as part of the Pro add-on, but there’s many benefits for this additional integration:

  • Firstly, you have options!
  • Thrive Automator is free, and available on
  • Thrive Automator integrates with a lot of different plugins and services which may not be covered by EM Automator
  • Thrive Automator can even receive webhooks from EM Automator!

Now, there are certain things that Thrive Automator doesn’t do, which includes things like:

  • Trigger x time before or after events start.
  • Trigger x time before or after bookings are made.
  • Send booking emails using our placeholder templating.

In short, our aim is to make the endless possibilities even greater! Thrive Automator integration aims to meet the needs of those wanting to push EM data out into the wider WordPress plugin ecosystem and services, for example:

When a user makes a booking, change their user role, move them to a membership status of a specific plugin, or add them to an LMS course.

Whereas the Events Manager Automator is more tailored to the automation of booking-related tasks within Events Manager and closely related services, for example:

The day before an event starts, send all users who booked that event an email via Events Manager along with an SMS via a Zapier webhook.

We hope you enjoy both integrations and look forward to hearing the use cases that take your events to another level! Meantime, here’s a video our friends at Thrive Themes made showcasing the new integration.

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