Events Manager 6.1.3 and Pro 3.1.2

Posted on October 15, 2022

We’re happy to announce the release of 6.1.3 and 3.1.2 which contain various bugfixes, alongside a major new feature in Pro;


Automation will meet the needs of many feature requests, including scenarios like the following:

  • Send an email reminder to users of a booking with a certain status and payment method, a certain amount of time before or after an event starts.
    • Or send a reminder to event owners!
  • Send a webhook to any third party when a booking has been made or a status has been changed.
  • Integrate with Zapier when a booking has been confirmed.
  • Send an email to users who have booked a spot but their booking status remains in a ‘waiting payment’ status after x minutes/hours/days.

The power of this feature is due to its flexibility and extendability. You can add multiple filtering options to triggers, such as filtering only bookings with specific booking statuses or events with specific taxonomies.

As we add more features and actions, the possibilities will be endless! As with most our features, we build with developers in mind so that adding triggers and actions is somewhat trivial.

As an example, a trigger to detect a booking status change is only 32 lines long (spaces included), 5 of them being actual trigger logic!

Here’s an example screenshot of the editor for a single automation. You can create as many as you need :)

This is currently in beta, and can be enabled from your settings page under the General tab. Once you save your settings you’ll see the Automation menu item within your Events submenu.

Happy Automating!


Aside from this new feature, many bugfixes were included here, and more on the way…

Events Manager 6.1.3

  • fixed datepicker range JS issues
  • added ability to override email formats (currently only upon installation for event approval email template)
  • added is_recurring and not_recurring conditional event placeholders
  • added option to include or exclude tags/categories listed in the search filter options, this is available in settings page and as tags_/categories_include or tags_/categories_exclude for shortcode
  • fixed potential errors in EM_Ticiket->is_available_to() and changed how EM_Ticket->is_availble() can check availability against a supplied user.
  • fixed EM_Ticket_Bookings->validate() so availability of tickets are validated against user booking belongs to rather than current user (fixes permission issues in manual bookings)
  • fixed datetime issues when an invalid date is stored and setTimezone is invoked, creating a 1970 date rather than blank value
  • added #[\ReturnTypeWillChange] to relevant functions to supress PHP 8.1 deprecated messages
  • removed datetimezone and datetime php8.1 alt files in favour of above supression method for now
  • (in-dev) fixed issues in dev version related to add/edit recurring events JS errors
  • changed booking form headers so they’re handled by settings page and can be disabled with blank values
  • added option to add Reply-To event owner for booking emails,
  • added em_booking_email_admin_args filter enabling extra mail args to be added,
  • added $args array param for EM_Mailer::send() so that future enhancements like reply-to can be supplied
  • tweaked heading sizes of booking form headings so they are slightly smaller,
  • fixed template loading of templates/calendar/calendar.php in calendar-full.php and calendar-small.php templates so they are dynamic and overridable
  • added EM_CHECK_THE_LOOP constant to add an additional in_the_loop() check for themes/plugins that mey use em_content outside the loop
  • fixed booking conditional placeholder wiping out event conditional placeholders
  • changed em_booking_output_condition filter so it’s only fired when a matching conditional is found for EM_Booking,
  • added em_booking_output_show_condition filter to help determine whether to show a condition
  • fixed search results coming back with incorrect styling layout when in responsive/mobile mode
  • added output methods for APIs via array for JSON for main objects (events, locations, bookings)
  • removed erroneous testing data for filtering categories search option (ids 150 and 151)
  • fixed some display issues for selectize particularly in the dashboard area

Events Manager Pro 3.1.2

  • added selectize for manual bookings user dropdown
  • fixed minor PHP warning when validating dates
  • added batch data support for email queues, allowing for shared attachments accross multiple emails in a queue
  • added error handling for retrying failed email attempts and prevent infinite loops
  • added feature to email users who made a booking along with attachments
  • changed emp_cron_emails_ical_cleanup to emp_cron_emails_attachment_cleanup so that other attachment logic can clean up
  • improved license checking restrictions to account for interfering plugins or server setups
  • added header based on settings page text for "Payment and Confirmation" header
  • added automation (beta) – requires EM
  • fixed search ui issue with new selectize manual bookings user selector
  • added selectize hook for manual bookings to disable selectize via em_gateway_offline_select_user_manual_booking
  • fixed cancelled/rejected bookings being able to get checked in by admins,
  • added booking status to booking manager viewer
  • fixed php fatal error for waitlist conditionals in booking conditions
  • fixed inclusion error for printables JS file in admin area for some servers

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