Pro fixes (more) errors

Posted on May 2, 2018

We have made some additional fixes to 2.6.2 which was released a few hours ago, due to further unannounced changes by to their platform which is causing online payments to fail when using their gateway with Events Manager Pro.

We’ve reached out to in the hopes that they will provide some sort of announcement to clarify why these changes were made and why developers (including ourselves) were not given prior warning, assuming this wasn’t simply an error on their part.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, unfortunately this was out of our hands and we’ve remedied the situation as quickly as possible.

As mentioned in our earlier post, we don’t want to force customers with expired licenses to renew just for a trivial fix of this nature, so here’s the updated instructions to fix previous versions of Events Manager Pro:

  1. Visit this page, and save it to your computer (which should save as file cert.pem)
  2. Upload the file to your site within the Events Manager Pro plugin folder, replacing the file /add-ons/gateways/anet_php_sdk/lib/ssl/cert.pem
  3. Change line 45 in /add-ons/gateways/anet_php_sdk/lib/AuthorizeNetAIM.php so the URL on that line becomes
  4. Change lines 20 and 21 on/add-ons/gateways/anet_php_sdk/lib/AuthorizeNetSOAP.php so that the URLS become and respectively.


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