Events Manager 5.5.5

Posted on December 19, 2014

This latest update mainly fixes a few issues that arose from the latest update, as well as an improvement to how taxonomy search arguments can be built, allowing & to enforce an AND condition rather than the OR condition with commas

* fixed booking cut-off time not being editable after event is saved
* fixed taxonomy search arguments not being applied on calendars and ajax lists,
* changed taxonomy search argument – not cleaned or converted to array during get_default_search() to prevent pagination link errors,
* fixed calendar pagination link argument comparison issues due to loose type comparison,
* changed calendar default arguments so scope=false and limit=settings_value (should have no effect – mainly future feature-proofing)
* fixed issue with weekly sunday only recurrences not validating
* fixed BP unregistered actions in admin area
* added new admin booking status emails to prevent confusion when pending/confirmed statuses are changed
* updated POT file

One Comment

  1. 1p2p says:

    The most confusing issue is still not solved:
    Past events are only listed on first level, not in sub-levels (categories). But it works fine for future events.

    homepage/events -> shows all event: eventA … eventD.
    homepage/events/eventA -> nothing will be shown.

    All settings say: show all events.

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