Events Manager 5.5.4 and Pro 2.3.9 Released

Posted on December 5, 2014

We’ve been working away at various upcoming features over the next few months, and in the meantime we’re releasing an update containing some more pressing fixes.

Most notably, we’ve deprecated the use of TimThumb for thumbnail generation, which was necessary since the script is not being maintained anymore.

We’ll likely put out another update in the coming weeks to tackle some more known issues.

Events Manager 5.5.4

  • fixed no events message for #_LOCATIONNEXTEVENTS and similar showing header/footer formats for an events list
  • updated all language files including POT file, added Norwegian, Persian and Turkish
  • fixed/improved pricing to include 4 decimal precision for better tax rounding with large numbers,
  • fixed/changed incorrect filter em_event_validate to em_ticket_booking_validate in classes/em-ticket-booking.php
  • added new jQuery hooks for altering map and marker options
  • fixed search form using default country even if advanced search settings are disabled
  • fixed code to prevent vaultpress false-positive security warning
  • fixed duplicate event meta on duplication of event
  • increased pricing to 6 decimal precision,
  • added get_price_with_taxes function to EM_Ticket_Booking
  • fixed multisite issues when creating events with conflicting post IDs on other sites
  • fixed MS Global Mode permalink issues with cross-site locations and optimized cross-site event permalink creation
  • fixed preview mode duplicating tickets whilst in draft status
  • added event and ticket cut-off date support to recurring events
  • fixed SSL/JS MIME related issues when cross-AJAX calls are made between HTTP/HTTPS
  • fixed same-day event ordering issues in WP FullCalendar integration
  • added admin menu EM dashicon
  • added multi-level taxonomy condition searching so separating ids/slugs by & will force an AND search as well as the traditional comma for OR searches
  • fixed custom taxonomies not being saved from recurring events to recurrences
  • added page_queryvar search attribute which allows for independent paginated shortcode lists via a custom page number id
  • fixed HTML entities breaking CSV output in booking exports
  • fixed recurrences validation when no days are supplied in weekly pattern
  • improved event time validation to catch variations without help from the timepicker
  • fixed taxonomy theme templates not overriding pages due to our formats
  • fixed some typos on settings page
  • improved styling of options page to make option sets clearer to distinguish
  • added excerpt formats to events and locations and appropriate settings
  • fixed BP private group admins being able to directly publish private group events whether or not they have publish caps
  • changed minimum characters to autosuggest location from auto-completer on ‘near’ search to 2 characters
  • removed usage of TimThumb
  • changed thumbnail generation to optionally allow for full-sized images scaled by HTML attributes and adding querystring arguments for use with Photon by JetPack image scaling
  • fixed typo for single ticket mode setting explanation
  • fixed em_events_list_grouped not returning a string for output
  • fixed order attribute not accepting lowercase asc/desc options
  • fixed pagination issues when changing row limits on bookings table
  • added distance options to search form on settings page,
  • fixed distance not searching in km
  • fixed DST miscalculations with google add-to-calendar link
  • fixed ical descriptions not accepting \n characters
  • improved translation text for event and location form submit buttons
  • improved events and locations widgets so li wrapping tags can contain classes as well as adding sanitization, cleaning up etc.
  • fixed ‘awaiting payment’ statuses not showing edit/approve links in EM Free
  • fixed trashing blank recurrence creating unexpected results
  • fixed escaping issues on punctuations for text searches on some servers
  • fixed template templates/tables/locations.php to not show delete options if user doesn’t have the capability
  • improved country search attribute by adding ability to search multiple countries at once by using comma-delimited strings
  • fixed ticket price formatting resulting in thousand separator triggering validation errors when updating event
  • fixed private events showing up on global locations map
  • improved loading of EM_Booking SQL to initially exclude em_meta and join the table
  • fixed booking notes not being deleted in em_meta table along with booking
  • changed booking email notifications so admins get an email for every action performed
  • fixed duplication of event not copying over data stored in the em_meta table

Events Manager Pro 2.3.9

  • fixed offline default gateway email not sent when adding offline payment
  • fixed MB transaction IDs not showing on admin table during ajax navigation
  • fixed helpful links for wp cron in the email reminders settings area
  • fixed emails not going out,
  • added tax and discount information to itemized billing summary
  • added paypal standard tax inclusion option to prevent price rounding and taxation miscalculations
  • fixed some HTTP <> HTTPS AJAX issues
  • updated admin settings HTML to match new styling
  • changed localization functions for various strings already translated by EM so it’s not picked up by the Pro POT file generators
  • fixed translation error where new default booking and attendee forms aren’t translated
  • fixed email fields not showing to member if showing name fields is set to no
  • fixed MB mode conflicts with other plugins due to session_start and saving of unserialized objects
  • fixed PayPal auto-deleting of incomplete bookings not deleting MB master booking record
  • fixed MB mode checkout showing payment options for free booking
  • fixed #_BOOKINGSUMMARY pre-tax subtotal price in MB mode which was showing the last event total
  • updated Czech, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish and Chinese. Thanks to all contributors, get in touch if you’d like to be on our translators credits!
  • updated the POT file


  1. Nicole says:

    I am currently working on updating our non-live site and I have your plug-in installed with the theme that I purchased. I wanted to know, how can I turn off the “No Booking” button that appears on the event page. People in our church (Colorado) do not understand what that means. Could that be changed to say “Register Here” and have that linked to a form that people fill out in a different database? We have a registration company that we use for church purposes.

    • marcus says:

      Hi, you can probably do this by turning off bookings altogether in our settings page and then including a button to whatever external service you use in our formats (Again on the settings page). For more help on this, please create a thread on our forums and we’ll be happy to provide more help on setting this up.