5.5.3 and Pro 2.3.8 Released

Posted on May 5, 2014

It’s been quite a while since we’ve last updated the plugins, and we’re happy to announce that the latest updates of Events Manager and Pro are finally here!

This update is mainly focused on fixing loads of known issues as well as fixing some fundamental coding scoping which was causing many PHP warnings to appear in servers running newer versions of PHP. As a result this update will require action from users with older versions of Pro that aren’t going to be updated and may affect users who have created custom code to alter Event Manager’s behavior. We’ve made every effort to make the plugin as backwards compatible as possible but a few changes were inevitable, we wrote a blog post a few weeks ago detailing some small modifications that may need to be made in these cases.

With regards to the prolonged time between updates, this is a first and we don’t intend on letting this happen again, from now on you should expect more frequent updates including both bug fixes and features.

As we release these two updates, we’re already working on the next update and intend to get that out to you in weeks, not months!

Events Manager 5.5.3 Changes

  • changed scopes of various functions to static and various other related adjustments to fix PHP Strict errors
  • increaded minimum required WP version to 3.5
  • WP_Mail is now default mail transport method
  • updated Swedish
  • fixed issues with editing no-user name with pro custom forms
  • fixed bug preventing redirection back to current page from the booking form login form
  • fixed has_tag and has_category conditionals not being regognized when dashes are used
  • added default color for categories
  • fixed default color problem for FullCalendar
  • fixed submit form not showing success message in FireFox
  • fixed potential error in EM_Ticket::is_available() not checking event cut-off date,
  • fixed single ticket mode new admin UI not showing ticket end date if cut-off date already exists
  • fixed events_list_grouped shortcode always displaying pagination links even if disabled
  • fixed update from 5.4.1 not creating new user email template in settings
  • fixed “test email settings” button using saved settings rather than newly entered test settings
  • fixed minor php warning if no attachment info supplied to EM_Mailer
  • removed get_current_blog_id() function as this was for < WP 3.1 support
  • fixed buddypress subnav menu items showing logged-in user links rather than displayed user (props to Maxime Lafontaine)
  • added *_get_url*_get_ical_url and _get_rss_url for em_category em_tag em_location and em_event object functions
  • fixed filter em_booking_calculate_price not assigning filtered value to booking_price property
  • fixed problems due to lack of late static binding in get_post_search and get_pagination_links functions
  • changed object get_post_search functions to accept all values from get_search_defaults
  • fixed pagination problems when searching grouped events lists and ajax disabled
  • changed – temporarily silenced ‘scope’ when ‘eventless’ is used on location list arguments as no results appear with both used at once
  • changed search html input field to use placeholder attribute if available in browser like with Geo search
  • added number_of_weeks argument to EM_Calendar to allow fixed week tables
  • fixed WP FullCalendar not showing long events in following months
  • fixed WP FullCalendar not showing all events in 6th week if current month ends 5th week
  • added RSS feed ordering and scope options in settings page
  • fixed no cut-off date assigned to event when in single ticket mode and no end date/time defined
  • fixed JS/BuddyPress bug when clicking to delete an event within the BP profile area
  • fixed default events AJAX search not using default event list scope if no scope search supplied
  • updated POT file along with Swedish and Polish translations
  • fixed saving recurrence tempate not saving ticket role restrictions to recurrences
  • fixed PHP error when tags are deactivated
  • added functionality for searching multiple event/location owners in search attribute ‘owner’,
  • fixed bug with pagination showing
  • fixed quick edit not updating location author index table
  • fixed closed message showing instead of login message to guests if registered-user tickets exist for event,
  • fixed ticket availability calculation issue with member or guest only tickets when displaying tickets to user
  • replaced usage of archive_template and category_template filters with taxonomy_template for both taxonomies, props to @avir673 and @greenshady
  • added option on settings page and a search attribute ‘header_format’ for formatting groupby headers
  • changed checkboxes html so text and box is wrapped in a label field
  • fixed js date picker so change now triggered for end date fields when selected start date changes the end date value
  • fixed display of duplicate events and incorrect cross-site events when in MS Global mode
  • fixed incorrect page counts in some MultiSite Global instances by making use of SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS instead of COUNT()
  • fixed rogue closing div on front-end events and locations admin table
  • fixed “no location” dropdown problem in editor when using ddms with a default location
  • added fail-safe compatibility check with Pro version to prevent known fatal errors on upgrades
  • fixed BP 1.9+ warning for using bp_core_delete_notifications_by_type
  • added status search parameter to EM_Person->get_bookings()
  • changed BP events profile page to paginate events list and only show confirmed upcoming event bookings
  • fixed language localization domain of migrated WP FullCalendar admin options to dbem
  • fixed calendar more links linking to event if limit is set to 1 and direct links are enabled
  • fixed recurring events not showing as pending or draft in front-end editor
  • fixed saving of recurring events to pending from published status resulting in draft status
  • fixed various PHP warnings
  • fixed tickets not saving when submitting event anonymously
  • fixed all-day events resetting booking cut-off time to midnight when saved
  • fixed some warnings triggered by bookings with no real event (such as Pro MB bookings)
  • (minor) added parameter to EM_Notices so that instances don’t try to set/use cookie data
  • changed use constant EM_FORCE_REGISTRATION in favour of EM_Bookings::$force_registration flag and EM_Bookings::is_registration_forced (backwards compatible)
  • fixed PHP capability warning deriving from creating EM_Person instances with invalid user IDs
  • fixed bug where extra admin emails added via hooks don’t get sent if admin emails on settings page is blank
  • fixed potential non-existent custom booking columns offsetting booking admin table pages and exports data by one cell

Events Manager Pro 2.3.8 Changes

  • changed html titles of event admin booking options from bolded text to h4 (coupons & custom forms)
  • fixed booking forms not saving user fields if logged in (reverting previous modification in 2.3.7 which stopped saving this info to booking meta as well)
  • added emp_hidden_reg_fields filter to allow custom showing of name and other hidden user fields
  • fixed “pending payment” bug for authorize.net
  • added optional css class flags (same as EM Booking form) to MB checkout/cart pages
  • fixed custom booking/attendee forms not being passed onto recurrences
  • fixed slashes being added to custom email html
  • added wp_kses sanitization to custom emails
  • changed saving gateway settings will stay on gateway settings page
  • fixed various string translation issues due to lack of textdomain
  • fixed attendees form not showing in bookings admin area for editing tickets with no spaces
  • fixed/changed wp_footer calls to have lower priorities than 10 (i.e. higher than 10)
  • updated French, German and Swedish, Polish
  • updated POT file
  • fixed default gateway emails not being used
  • fixed captchas in individual event bookings triggering validation failures in MB checkout,
  • fixed lack of proper escaping on form tips
  • fixed coupon validation issues with Multiple Bookings Mode
  • fixed cart headers not being translatable
  • fixed bug when duplicating and then editing custom form overwriting default form
  • fixed minor php warning triggered in custom gateway emails
  • added parent hook for new em_booking_is_pending filter in EM_Gateway
  • fixed admin area CSS not being used if pro front-end css is disabled via dbem_disable_css option
  • added dbem_disable_css option to wp_options to prevent extra SQL query
  • fixed country selection ddm field default text not being translated
  • fixed select and multiselect options potentially adding extra spaces to input values
  • fixed paypal IPN validation error due to wp_magic_quotes adding slashes with magic_quotes_gpc disabled
  • changed custom emails meta box to appear on event admin if manage_bookings is enabled (previously required manage_others_bookings),
  • added warning text to custom event emails meta box if in multiple bookings mode
  • fixed potential duplicated reminder emails in MultiSite Global Tables mode
  • fixed missing ical file in reminders due to merged ical templates in EM 5.4.2
  • fixed coupons and transactions not showing master booking values in admin tables when MB mode is active
  • fixed transaction history not showing relevant master booking transactions in individual bookings during MB mode
  • added parent hook for new em_booking_is_pending filter in EM_Gateway
  • changed EM_Multiple_Bookings::get_main_booking so it instantly returns false if EM_Booking object not supplied
  • fixed premature auto-deletion of PayPal bookings since EM 5.5.2 due to blog vs mysql timezone clashes
  • fixed Pro key being deleted from MultiSite network admin settings page
  • fixed MB mode removal of booking in cart not reflecting spaces change and still passing deleted booking to gateways
  • fixed only first instance of #NOW# being replaced in attendee forms
  • fixed MB mode issues with checkout booking forms and coupon codes being submitted as well as via the ‘apply discount’ button
  • changed lowered cron emails init priority to possibly fix cron issues
  • added Norwegian translation
  • added MB mode feature to allow users with edit_others_bookings to sync no-user booking personal info edits to all bookings in a MB booking set
  • changed PayPal gateway to use HTTP 1.1 when verifying IPN authenticity
  • fixed php warning when invalid user field name supplied to EM_Gateways::get_customer_field
  • improved cart coupon JS and changed template to make coupon application a different html form entirely to allow for graceful fallback
  • fixed bug where wrong data type returned when looking for gateway common fields that don’t exist
  • added failsafe for known fatal EM version conflicts
  • fixed manual booking user fields not appearing on front-end in MB mode
  • fixed free MB bookings sending pending emails and saving with 0 status with approvals disabled
  • fixed PHP warnings in MB mode checkout (complementary fix in EM
  • fixed EM_Notice and custom forms warnings in booking admin pages
  • added option to show name and email fields on booking forms to logged in users
  • fixed old bookings from free version not showing comments field for field with id booking_comment
  • fixed first/last name fields not forcing required entry
  • fixed wrong attendee forms showing up in event lists with different forms
  • fixed PayPal gateway not passing customer address info to pre-fill form on paypal.com
  • fixed user fields of html type showing label like input fields on profile page and booking information pages
  • fixed manual bookings not allowing booking of role-restricted tickets if event admin isn’t the same role
  • fixed cart page overriding checkout page if the same page is chosen by mistake in MB mode settings
  • fixed false-positive unprocessed email notices for IPNs originating from non-EM PayPal payments
  • fixed dots being saved in custom form field IDs, as this causes validation issues in browsers
  • fixed custom user field date and time pickers not working in WP dashboard profile page
  • fixed recurring events not showing custom email editor


  1. Jan says:

    Hello I do not understand how I can update. I have the normal version and Pro version.

    a) I charge both my files down and drag them into the FTP program, the folder update itself by itself?

    b) I delete the normal folder and one folder and just load the new high. But then what about the registered events and the new participant?

    In the article from a few weeks ago that is also not explained.

  2. Jan says:

    Update via WordPress Dashboar without problems. Normal + Pro version. Thank you

  3. Bert says:

    On my website i have created a number of different coupons but now they are all calculated with the same rate:75%.
    The amount that get passed to the payment provider is also not true, so the calculation does not get done properly.
    I have the Pro versions 5.5.3 and 2.3.8 are installed. I hope you can help me.

  4. marcus says:

    Hi Bert, please post this on the pro support forums and we’ll help you there – eventsmanagerpro.com/support/

    If you can post more information about your coupons and plugin setup (e.g. Multisite, Global Tables, Multiple bookings enabled, etc.) that’ll help us narrow down what could be going wrong.

  5. John Russell says:

    Thanks for the new release! The new functionality, bug fixes, and a clean debug log are all appreciated! Great work!

  6. Glenn says:

    Hi, as a result of latest update, i know have no small calendars showing up using the shortcode [events_calendar category=”21″] for example.

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