5.5.2 Released

Posted on October 6, 2013

5.5.2 contains an important security patch related to the booking form and an XSS vulnerability. Updating is advised! For those who don’t want to update for whatever reason, add this somewhere in events-manager.php:


New Features

Individual Category, Tag and Location Feeds!

We get asked this a lot, so it’s finally here! Add ical/ or rss/ to your individual location, category or tag pages and get a filtered iCal or RSS feed respectively.

We took it one step further – if you added any custom taxonomies to your events, these will automatically have iCal feeds too. Yay! Please note that this won’t apply to custom taxonomies registered only to locations.

Distance options on search form

This expands on 5.5’s new geolocation search options, which now enables you to allow users to select distance and type (km or miles) around the particular place entered into the location search box.


Aside from an important security update, there’s been a ton of minor bug fixes to the plugin:

  • fixed (rare) looping problem with calendar generation
  • fixed permalink rule problems for events page children with url-encoded slugs
  • changed country name ‘Libyan Arab Jamahiriya’ to just ‘Libya’
  • fixed BP Group selection dropdown being limited to 20 groups
  • updated Hungarian and Polish
  • fixed event results bug for certain months in WP FullCalendar
  • fixed duplication error when tags are disabled
  • fixed single ticket mode cutting off event bookings on event start (requires resave of affected events)
  • fixed duplicate location problem and potentially fixed duplicate/shadow event problem,
  • fixed booking cut-off times using submitted event time if no cut-off time submitted and all-day event is checked
  • fixed php warning on taxonomy pages on some installs when overriding with formatting
  • updated German and French language files
  • fixed location still appearing when trashed
  • fixed long page loads on settings page with many users or locations on blog (now requests location/user IDs instead of a dropdown)
  • fixed bug preventing pro manual bookings for new users when guest bookings disabled
  • fixed turkish datepicker not translating
  • fixed issues caused by 5.5 update breaking filters using *_output_pagination (now requires PHP 5.3 to work, otherwise use em_object_get_pagination_links)
  • fixed #_BOOKINGATTENDEES not working when ‘reserve unconfirmed spaces’ is set to no
  • added new default search arguments for search form
  • changed default country to ‘none’ by default,
  • moved location search form html into new templates/search/location.php template
  • changed location search fields to be shown if country search field is hidden
  • fixed typo of option dbem_seRAch_form_submit
  • added default country option specifically for search form
  • improved search form arguments which allows fine-grained control via shortcode as well
  • added events_search and locations_search shortcode names
  • improved search UX by hiding location options if geo search used
  • added geolocation unit and distance options to search form
  • fixed XSS vulnerability in booking form and preventitive measures taken in other areas (no template fixes necessary)
  • fixed feeds not working when no events page defined
  • fixed booking_date using mysql instead of blog timezone
  • fixed maps not showing on front-end edit locations page
  • fixed pagination querystring affecting other event/location/category/tag lists without pagination enabled
  • fixed events RSS feed taking over blog feed if events page is homepage
  • changed RSS feed url ending to feed/ to avoid unnecessary redirects
  • fixed bbPress deactivation erasing all EM capabilities for all roles
  • added removal button for category images
  • added JS for hiding event/location images when marked for deletion on public forms
  • fixed ticket cut-off time not being accurately respected
  • fixed ‘all’ status search not returning drafts
  • added ‘everything’ status which includes trashed events/locations
  • fixed BP CSS conflict with wp_editor (https://buddypress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5167)
  • changed order of when recurrences get saved if in admin area so other plugin post meta data gets properly copied over
  • added missing translatable strings for ML (WPML) mode in settings page
  • fixed MS Global location link problem when viewing location on different blog,
  • fixed AJAX searches not including subsite items in MS Global mode
  • improved RSS linking and overriding logic
  • added RSS feeds for individual locations/categories/tags
  • added iCal feeds for individual locations/categories/tags and any custom taxonomy attached to locations or events
  • fixed category base slug not being editable in MultiSite (kudos Maxime Lafontaine)



  1. Hello,

    Please let me know if i can add one sidebar with a Countdown Timer widget for the events..?!

    Many regards

  2. marcus says:

    Hi Alin,

    This isn’t something we have as a feature, however, with some help from a develper and combining with various countdown JS scripts this is certainly possible to make.

  3. pavel says:

    hi, how can i use the new ical feed by categories? I cannot find some tutorial or info about usable URLs …thanks

    • marcus says:

      You should be able to do this by adding /ical/ to the end of the relevant URL.

      For example, if a category page is


      the ical feed would be


      Since we just released this feature, the docs haven’t been updated, but they will soon! There are also placeholders you can use which are already in the placeholder documentation pages:


  4. MOMO says:

    Event manager is a wonderful wordpress plugin!
    NOW The every events have their event homepage, I think you can add “event homepage” and event contact(MAIL) fields for the event manager. thanks :)//

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