Preview of 5.5 Part 2 – Dev

Posted on August 7, 2013

We’ve decided to push back the 5.5 release another couple of weeks whilst we make some more improvements. We’re now intending on waiting until at least the 12th of August as we have just released dev version, which you can update to now.

One major reason for this delay is due to some changes to the Geo search field on the new search form. We found the GeoNames service produced slow results since it gets these via your server (making it a proxy which contacts GeoNames). Since Google offers a fast and free auto-completer service that does not require registration or API keys this does not require a proxy and aside from being significantly faster, it reduces unnecessary load on your server.

Whilst we were at it, we took the opportunity to fix various bugs too ;) The changelog keeps growing!

The original Preview of 5.5 article has been updated to reflect the changes in (changes in green).



  1. Neil says:

    Will the new 5.5 branch of EM enable you to make recurring events compatible with WPML? That’s one of the only things holding me back from using this plugin (and eventually going Pro) for a church website…

    • marcus says:

      Hi Neil, this update does not change any behaviour with WPML, that’d be something we’ll work on the WPML/EM add-on.

  2. Huuzn says:

    After update 5.5, search function finds nothing.

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