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5.4.4 and Pro 2.3.6 Released

Posted on June 24, 2013

This update adds many important fixes to some of the newer features in Pro, as well as fixing some outstanding EM bugs along with some minor changes which make some new Pro features in this latest update work as expected.

Important Improvements/Additions

In this latest update to Pro, we’ve not only made a ton of improvements to our beta Multiple Bookings Feature (which is just about ready to leave beta!), we’ve also added a new feature.

We’ll talk about it in more detail later this week, but we’re happy to announce the addition of custom booking email templates! You can now create automated booking templates specific to your events or gateways. Go to your Settings > Bookings tab and see the new section there!

Changes in Latest Update

Events Manager 5.4.4 Changelog

  • updated Spanish, Polish and POT translations
  • fixed search attribute owner so ‘me’ will show no events to guest users
  • added optional $email_attendee parameter to EM_Booking::email() function
  • updated lightness css theme to support jQuery UI 1.10.x (used in WP 3.6)
  • fixed JS errors related to jQuery 1.10.x (used in WP 3.6)
  • moved em_template_my_bookings_footer action so only called if logged in,
  • fixed event_date_created not being saved in events table
  • fixed “Email Sent” message showing up if no emails sent,
  • added em_booking_admin_emails filter
  • added bookings table default ordering by date of booking
  • fixed CSS for event editor location fields and maps not appearing on same row
  • fixed links on MS subsites in global mode to other blogs being incorrect if direct linking disabled
  • fixed eventful locations search showing trashed/pending locations
  • fixed problems with previous_status flags in event and location objects
  • fixed problems with approval email notifications not going out
  • added responsive resizing for location google maps
  • fixed read_others_locations not being enforced to location dropdown on event editor
  • fixed bookings cut-off time not being saved on all-day events
  • fixed php warning on category page
  • fixed some words within formats not being translated on first install
  • fixed various missing translation domains from gettext functions

Events Mananger Pro 2.3.6 Changelog

  • fixed rejections being given a transaction record as if paid for offline bookings
  • fixed booking form not accepting blank values when editing (e.g. textboxes)
  • fixed newly added checkboxes showing as checked on previous bookings
  • fixed some _doing_it_wrong triggered functions in BuddyPress whilst in debug mode
  • prevented non-existent values for texboxes and textareas defaulting to n/a when editing a booking
  • updated German
  • fixed coupon-event associations not being deleted with event
  • fixed coupons being associated with event if event/site-wide (not necessary)
  • fixed text fields when editing booking showing n/a when originally empty
  • changed MB bookingsummary template file name to bookingsummary-multiple.php
  • added excel hack to attendees csv form,
  • changed EM_Coupons functions to static to prevent php warning
  • fixed translations missing domains
  • fixed price breakdowns in MB mode
  • removed g preg modifier in gateway for event name sanitizing
  • fixed conflicts with wpmudev membership
  • added em_gateawy_authorize_aim_sale_var filter before sending to AIM,
  • changed paypal ipn endpoint error message if user visits url
  • added showing coupons available to events in MB mode when editing event
  • changed available coupons in bookings are now hidden/collapsed
  • improved EM_Coupons::get() argument logic for site/event-wide searches
  • changed MB mode coupon searches return all coupons since all are now site-wide
  • changed saving coupons in MB mode automatically makes it event/site-side
  • changed #_BOOKINGTICKETS template file name to bookingtickets-multiple.php,
  • fixed confirmation notice being added as an error when saving mb booking
  • added ‘total’ text to MB mode cart widget
  • fixed coupon not applying discount to total price in MB mode cart/checkout
  • fixed MB mode admin cart showing last ticket price as sub-total
  • corrected double underscore in MB cancelled email template option names
  • fixed mb mode single event emails not going to event owners if enabled in settings page
  • changed MB email options won’t show until MB mode is enabled
  • fixed modifying a single booking not updating over multiple booking total price
  • added is_normal_field and is_user_field functions to EM_Form,
  • added MB mode fields to booking tables and export columns
  • fixed validation issues for select/country/radio fields and non-permitted values
  • changed – moved files containing main classes in add-on folder into sub-folders
  • changed – moved admin functions for email and mb mode to designated admin classes
  • changed – separated admin functions from EM_Gateways to EM_Gateways_Admin class
  • added custom emails functionality to events and gateways
  • fixed mb cart ‘checkout’ button pointing to homepage if not using permalinks
  • fixed MB bookings not sending email if total price equals 0
  • fixed non site/event-wide coupons not being applied to recurrences
  • fixed various missing translation domains for gettext functions
  • updated POT file


  1. Alex says:

    I updated to the latest version and it broke the event manager
    my site is broken

  2. marcus says:

    Hi Alex,

    Please raise this issue on either of these forums and we’ll be able to help you troubleshoot further there:

    Free (EM) Forums
    Pro User Forums

    If you could provide more info on what exactly happens to ‘break’ the site, any links and if you’re seeing blank screens check your error logs to see if there’s any clue.

    If you can’t access your admin area due to this you can deactivate EM by renaming the wp-content/plugins/events-manager/ folder via FTP

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