5.2.5 and Pro 2.2.2 Released

Posted on September 18, 2012

This is a maintenance release which fixes the following bugs:


  • fixed long google calendar link issue
  • fixed and improved duplication function
  • allowed cancel link for offline pending bookings status
  • fixed MS bug with featured images in global mode on different main/sub sites
  • fixed duplicate booking activity posts when event belongs to a group
  • fixed template templates/events-list.php for grouped events list
  • fixed dots in usernames breaking booking activity feed links
  • added booking comment column to booking admin tables
  • changed some localized edit %s strings
  • fixed booking links pointing to admin/front-side oppositely on ajax calls

Pro 2.2.2

  • fixed no-user mode and user fields bug still happening in CSV exports
  • fixed MS global mode showing network transactions on all blogs
  • cleaned up options html for form editor
  • added tip text to every field and fixed display of tip text
  • fixed some badly named options
  • fixed custom user form field options not superseding defaults and vice versa
  • fixed paypal bookings resume payment button not working as expected
  • added cancel link to paypal bookings in progress
  • fixed AIM fatal error when using address 2 in forms etc.
  • fixed no-user mode not updating custom user fields for already logged in users
  • fixed name user field not validating properly
  • streamlined emp-forms.php validation switch, name and email validated like other reg fields

Moving On

We got a little sidetracked over the past week or so squashing some of these bugs and those in 5.2.4, but we’re still dedicating some focus time, and intend to release individual attendee fields as a beta for pro users this week. We’re also working with the gents at WPML and are in the process of getting an add-on up and running on a test server we can both debug off.


  1. iPLANiT says:

    Hi Marcus
    Any idea on when we will have “Custom Attendee Forms”?

  2. latinom16 says:

    where is the link to download and update Pro

    i tried doing it from my dashboard update section but i got an error saying it could not find the package.


  3. Alan Morley says:

    Since updating to 5.2.5 the search section doesn’t work – any suggestions?

  4. marcus says:

    The dev version should fix the search issues. If you’re having issues with the plugin please ask on the forums and we’ll help you there.

    @latinom16 we answered a similar question a few days ago on the forums – http://wp-events-plugin.com/support/tickets/5-2-5-and-pro-2-2-2-update-issue/ if you’re still having issues after trying this please create a new question and we’ll help you get updated