5.2.4 Released (a few days ago)

Posted on September 17, 2012

5.2.4 was actually released last Tuesday, but we hadn’t announced this on this site. Sorry about that!

Luckily for us, WordPress does that for us straight out of your blog so most of you are way ahead of us already…. however, here’s the summary of the changes for posterity:

  • fixed single ticket template and name of spaces being hard coded
  • added em_booking_form_ticket_spaces action
  • closed date and time picker inits with functions
  • fixed warnings on options page
  • fixed potential 0 spaces being available on tickets with a min requirement
  • fixed ticket warning
  • fixed some permalink issues for homepage and child pages of events pages
  • fixed rare fatal error due to undefined object in admin/em-bookings.php

5.2.5 will be released within the next day or so, probably sooner.  The dev version is already up as I write with more fixes to the above, so look out for our next post (which will be on time!).

One Comment

  1. latinom16 says:

    Thanks for the update.

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